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Top 5 games that need to come out already!


Summer time as a gamer is one of the worst times of the year with very few new games coming out during season. To make matters worse we have the next Generation of consoles on the way that we just want to play with already. So I thought why not put a list together of the games that I want to come out already. What I mean by come out already is that I am completely sold on the game and I just want to play it right now. So Let's start it off!




Tom Clancy's The Division

The Division is a new Ubisoft game announced at E3 and I am already sold on the concept. The Division is a MMO shooter for next generation consoles. It has you play a sleeper agent after society collapses. From what I have gathered so far your goal is to collect supplies to survive for as long as you can. It is a third person shooter with some futuristic tech. I won't go to much more detail into the game because we really don't know too much about it but I am sold from what I have seen so far. A MMO shooter on next generation platforms sounds cool enough but add the futuristic tech and the survival atmosphere and it sounds amazing. I am not a huge fan of MMO's but playing with a group of friends sounds like a blast I can't wait for!




Titanfall was another game announced at E3 and on GameInformer magazine this year. It comes from the developers Respawn. The game is a FPS mech game that focuses on multiplayer. The footage shown at E3 had me sold that it was essentially the next COD ( I find it funny how everyone hates COD but when the next COD comes out everyone loves it). The game combines FPS gameplay we are used to with giant mechs and wall running. Just read that last sentence again, did you read it again, alright you get why I am excited. The gameplay looks like a blast and it seems to add multiple new elements to a genre that is looking for fresh ideas. I know one thing this game will have a lot of hype and if it lives up to it, gamers will be saying COD who?



Infamous: Second Son

Back during Sony's next generation announcement they also announced a little game from Suckerpunch by the name of Infamous; Second Son. I have never played an Infamous game but have heard they are really good. When it was first announced I was excited but I did not really want it right now. When E3 came around and I watched a demo of the game, I had to play it right then. Infamous: SS has you play as Delsin Rowe who is the new main character in the series. It takes place in Seattle and is an open world game. Delsin's power is that he can absorb other conduits powers, which makes you think how powerful will Delsin be? The gameplay I watched looked great and it seems like the perfect next generation game to pick up. I have only seen 7 minutes of gameplay but it is safe to say that this game needs to come out already.



Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar games just knows how to make a great game and GTAV is no different. Now before you send me your hate about it not being at the top of the list, I will let you know that this was an extremely difficult decision and it is basically 1a and 1b, alright. GTAV has you play as 3 main characters each with there own skills. The game is focused around heist based missions and anyone who played GTAIV's heist mission knows that the hesit mission was the best mission in the game, with GTAV focusing on that you know that GTAV pretty much is going to be like GTAIV's best moment throughout the game. Also it's GTAV so that is reason enough to be excited. GTAV is the only current generation game on my list and that just shows you how great it is going to be. This game will hold me over until the next generation comes out and may be the last current generation game I buy day one.




Ever since I watched E3 last year I knew that I needed Watchdogs. Another Ubisoft game on my list, Watchdogs has been a lot of peoples one game they will buy for there next generation console. Watchdogs is an open world game set in Chicago. You play as Aiden Pierce a tech genius who controls Chicago in the palm of his hand. What makes Watchdogs unique is the ability to affect the world with your cellphone, which makes you feel like a complete badass. What makes it number 1 on my list is that it is the game I have waited the most for and have been sold on for the longest. Watchdogs has a high potential and if it can achieve it's potential it will be a GOTY canidate not to mention one of the best games of all-time. Watchdogs just come out already, Please!



Honorable mentions: ACIV: Black Flag, Destiny, Dead Rising 3, Witcher 3


That is my list let me know what you think and let me know what games you want to play already?