My latest musical obsession is from one of my most hyped games this year. It beat out Watch Dogs and even Super Smash Bros. 4. I can’t wait to get a PS4 and rock this game like you wouldn’t believe.  However, this review isn’t about my abundant hype for Infamous: Second Son, this post is about the equally hyped soundtrack.

Ever since it’s reveal at E3 of last year, I wanted the song that was in the trailer. No, not the Nirvana song…. not that Nirvana is a bad band per say – and it was only a cover of one of their more popular songs – but the other song. The one that started the video off. The one that slowly built up till about halfway through the trailer… well, just watch the trailer for yourself.

Needless to say, I was hooked on that riff. I needed to find that song, otherwise, it would be stuck in my head constantly. There was no escaping that amazing bass, that deep resonating piano, or those pounding drums. So I did what any nerd who is worth their salt would do. I searched the internet for it. I traveled across many sites, but the results were always the same:

“What is the song in the Infamous Second Son E3 trailer?”

“It’s a cover of Heart-Shaped Box by Nirvana.”

“No, the one before that.”

“Uh, I have no clue.”

All of the results were but a mere variation of this theme, so I waited. As it turned out, it appeared that this particular song was an original, meant for the score of the game. Now, it was uncertain at the time whether or not this game would receive a legit soundtrack release. I could only hope to be so lucky. Not all games with amazing soundtracks get releases *cough*TombRaiderUnderworld*cough*.

So that earworm from Sucker Punch continued to burrow it’s way into my head. Occasionally I would watch the trailer again and again just to hear those haunting notes.  I was ecstatic when news that the soundtrack was going to be released reached my brain. ECSTATIC.  At last, I could listen to what great mastery the composers over at Sucker Punch had made.  I would finally be able to get my hands on that beautiful grunge sound. And they didn’t disappoint either.

Though I would go so far as to say that there really isn’t one bad track on this soundtrack, I will, however, point out the songs that steal the “show”.  The song that was in the trailer which I had obsessed over ever since summer of last year, was, unfortunately, not featured on the soundtrack, however, the more stripped down version is.

It’s the main theme of the game, and is titled Second Son. What an original name.

This serves as the main theme for the game and definitely helps to set up the rest of the score rather well.  What I love about this track more than anything though is that driving bass. It propels the entire song forward, setting up a rebellious romp through a chaotic world.

While track one does an excellent job of setting up the game, it is far from being the only good piece of music on this score. What follows are a few of my personal favorites tracks from the score.


Freedom and Security:

Higher Elevation:


Smoke and Mirrors:

These are probably my top five favorite tracks from the album. This is single-handedly one of my favorite soundtracks/scores now, and I won’t stop jamming out to these tracks for a long while. There are several more tracks I wish I could highlight, but you should just experience them for yourself. Overall, this is going to be an OST to remember for a long while.

There is no one set of motifs or sounds that is more prevelant than another, giving this soundtrack a unique sound, but not a repetitive sound.

The Final Score:



I am thinking about making this a long running series, if there is interest, sound off in the comments. Also, don't ask about the image at the top, even I can't explain it. Do you have a favorite OST? Drop it off on my wall and I'll give it a listen.