The Legend of Zelda is a franchise near and dear to my heart. This is not only because of it's fun gameplay and colorful characters, but also it's music. One of the many things I look forward to in a new Zelda game is the music, and though there have been a few disappointments, there is no shortage of excellent tracks, so without further ado I give you my personal top 5 Zelda soundtracks.

Number 5: Twilight Princess

Though my favorite game in the franchise, it's soundtrack had too many highlights and lowlights to be ranked higher. It had great tracks, like Midna's Theme, Hyrule Field, and the Hidden Village, not to mention my all time favorite official rendition of the Serenade of Water (first heard in Ocarina of Time). Having said all that, the filler tracks are not as well done. The dungeon themes are hit and miss, each area, with a few exceptions, is just another rendition of the field theme, having said that, the bad tracks do not spoil the good tracks and make them unimportant...... how the heck did I end up quoting Doctor Who?

Soundtrack Highlights

Midna's Theme:

Hyrule Field Theme:

Ilia's Theme/Enter Ilia:

Lake Hylia:

Number 4: The Wind Waker

The first Zelda soundtrack to use instruments.  With it's upbeat title song, to the Gerudo Valley style Dragon Roost Island, this soundtrack is a definite highlight in the Zelda franchise's music history.  However, the several memorable songs that it does have, does not make up for the oh-so-forgettable short Wind Waker songs and forgettable combat music. Though not many of the songs have returned in future installments, that does not take away from it's musical genius and charm.

Soundtrack Highlights;

Ancient Hero:

Aryll's Theme:

Dragon Roost Island:

Windfall Island:


Number 3: A Link to the Past

     Best I could find for an image, sorry guys.

My very first Zelda soundtrack (and first game). It laid the ground work for Zelda music after it. There had been memorable tracks in previous game, but none of them had so many. Arguably the most popular track would be the Dark World, but there are so many more. This game brought us Kakariko Village, The Hyrule Castle Theme, and Princess Zelda's Theme/Zelda's Lullaby.

Soundtrack Highlights:


Death Moutain:

The Dark World:

Dungeon Theme:

Note: I had A Link Between Worlds to be at no.3, but, since it re-used many tracks from A Link to the Past, I decided it would be better to give credit to the original.

Number 2: Ocarina of Time

The soundtrack to Ocarina of Time is one of the most memorable in the franchise. From songs to the hot beat of Gerudo Valley, to the much more majestic and sweeping Song of Time, this solidified some of the most familiar songs in the franchise that many games still use to this day. 

Soundtrack Highlights:

Gerudo Valley:

Temple of Time:

Lost Woods/Saira's Theme:

Sheik's Theme:

Number 1: Majora's Mask

Majora's Mask is not your traditional Zelda game. It had many somber moments, it is definitely the darkest game in the franchise. What makes these somber and dark moments is the music itself.  From the exquisite Song of Healing, to the haunting Stone Tower Temple, this is some of the best Zelda music that has been produced.  It even had a few select tracks made into a synthesized orchestra CD, that was of excellent quality. It may seem hypocritical to state that Twilight Princess is lower ranked due to the use of the overworld theme in every different area of the game, having said that, the variety found within the game outside of the overuse of the overworld is excellent, and produced many of my personal favorite tracks.

Soundtrack Highlights:

Song of Healing (piano version):

Giant's Theme/Oath to Order:

Stone Tower Temple:

Tatl and Teal:



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What are some of your favorite game tracks and why? Disagree with my list? Sound off in the comments and tell my why.