Hello from Bum 'F' ED Mississippi, Well doggie, sonny let me tell you what you're old dude watched on the mysterious talking picture box(TV) that was hooked up to that new "Intranet".

There was this here man talking about a New box that looked like if my Atari ST and my 1985 RCA VCR made sweet sweet love down by the creek, and done spit out a baby!

OH shoot what was the name of that there contraption?  Chrysler Infinity, Dodge durango? Wait a darn tooting minute I got it! It was called the PSONE!

Yep that was the name the man gave it. Which struck me odd cause didn't they already make that gaming system?

All right all joking aside, I watched the X1's announcement with strange glee and I hate to say it disappointment. Now most of you whipper snatchers (wink) know the Grouchy Old dude is a straight up Sony loving sum bi@ch!

However a little console war never hurt anything either. I thought Sony was gonna go after Nintendo with guns a blazing when they dropped the "wii U"  but, after watching the big "N" get shot in the foot by EA and every other developer except for Sega(?) I know that Sony has decided to let the past be in the past.

So here I was watching the x boner announcement on my PS3, and reading tweets off of my Vita with all the glee of a fanboy waiting to trash the enemy.

Then it happened, the press which are supposed to be the neutral side in all of this started to make fun of the x1 like it was carrie on the prom stage covered in blood....Whoa!

This isnt supposed to happen. Then more disdain and venomous remarks were flung upon the new xbox. Till I myself felt bad for Bill Gates!

(Almost.) He is a VERY RICH MAN!

So I here am feeling sympathy for the devil. It's wrong darn it! I should not feel sympathy for the makers BRO-LO and BRO'S OF WAR  This is my sworn enemy  who I am supposed to hate,  but I can't help to feel sorry for the mutt.

So I was thinking what would make the xboner more lovable to everyone and that way I wouldn't feel so bad for despising the money sucking leeches that is Microwhore (oops! I mean microsoft.) Sorry old habits.

Then like a bolt of lighting straight from the gaming gods it hit me.!!!!

Walnut Grain! Now before you pass this notion by think, the x1 looks like a old vcr or old style atari right? And atari was a American console maker right? So why not play up the retro style all the way? Put fake wood and aluminum trim on it and make it look period perfect for the 80's. Who knows, this may cause a revolution and bring the 80's all over again.

(beautiful isn't it?)

Think about it.. The x1 next thing you know nintendo may decide to rename the Wii ewe the right name the NES 2! Plus color it grey and black with red accents.

(not my best but you get it.)

Converse shoes with two laces and duck tail hair do's won't be far behind. Keyboard ties black knock off ray bans....ooh and ZZTOP can make a comeback album that doesnt suck!And you could partner with sears to sell "Sears brand XBOX1" Come on guys please?

Please do this for me Microsoft so I can go back to hating you and cheering the virtues of Sony without having people agree with me, I'm not a antisocial person anymore Now I'm considered (GASP!!!)Normal!!! AAAAAGH!!! I can't stand it some body slap me!

Any way I gotta go it's tapioca pudding night at the old folks home and this grampy ain't gonna be late! (just kidding im not that old ..yet... sigh)

wheres my meds?

all comments are welcome and thanks for reading.