Happy holidays, from the world of the old dude. Today, my Oldest daughter (step-daughter) came back today from her stay at her "biological" father's home. One of the gifts she received was his spare X-Box 360s. He was going to sell it but decided to give it to her instead.

great. now what?


So here I am staring at my daughter's 360 with disbelief. Thoughts run through my head like, "What the heck am I gonna do when this thing gets the RROD?" and "Don't you have to pay to get online with this?"

Now before the fan boys start breaking out the torches to flame me hear me out. I am a Sony man I really believe in their products. Sony has done me right on car stereos, televisions, phones and not to mention my PSP, PS2, and the PS3.  I also own a WII and a DSI and I am really fond of them also, but the 360 ehh.

But my oldest daughter has been foaming at the mouth to get a 360 ever since  she played one at coincidentally her "biological" father's house. 

She begged us to buy a 360 when we were looking at new consoles, but based on game play and the simple fact that the 360 lacked a blu ray player we bought her a PS3 instead .

That didn't stop her from telling us how better the 360 was than the ps3, and how she will never get to play her favorite game Fable 2 ever.

Now the truth of the matter is that she could give a rat's behind on playing video games. She is far too busy posting bad poetry on myspace, and watching lousy soap opera anime to play games.

somebody shoot me.


The real reason she wanted the 360 is actually sad. She thinks that if she has one then she will be able to communicate with her "biological" father more and relate to him better.

Her "biological" father left my wife when my step daughter was 18 months old. I can count on one hand the number of times he saw her between then and the age of 16. 

I will give him credit he is trying now and admits it was a mistake not seeing her. But that doesn't help the fact that my step daughter has abandon "issues".

Now back to the dang problem at hand I am stuck with a 360 to buy games, controllers and a hard drive for and all her "biological" father gets stuck with is being awesome in her eyes.

Sometimes it sucks being the step-parent. I get to raise her, clothe her, feed her, comfort her when she is sick, buy her class ring, and deal with all the bad things. Meanwhile "bio-dad" doesn't do a thing but pay child support and gives her a used 360 and he's freaking superman.

Hey that's life and that is part of being a parent, gotta take the good with the bad. Sometimes you win and sometimes you get stuck with a 4gb 360.

all comments are welcome hope you enjoyed it.