Yesterday the infamous Peter Molyneux revealed the secret within his Curiosity Cube.  Apparently, the person who cracked the cube is now the titular god of Molyneux's new game Godus. According to, Bryan Henderson, the man who solved the cube, will have very broad and unique powers within the game, allowing him to mess with the game as he sees fit.


Could the ability to set the world aflame be one of mister Henderson's powers?


Now, some of you may see this as an interesting sociological experiment on Molyneux's part, and I'll concede that it is. However, I also see it as a problem just waiting to rear its ugly head. Why should he have powers over the paying customers of Godus? Because he won an arbitrary contest? Why should he be put on a platform above of us, to impact our enjoyment for better or for worse? It almost goes without saying that there will be guidelines in place to prevent him from ruining the game for everybody, but why even put one man in that situation in the first place? Men have always tried to elevate themselves over each other and rule as gods in our world, and it always ends poorly. Why should a virtual world be different?

I cannot speak to the quality of Henderson's character myself, but I'll raise these "what-ifs". What if he's the type who takes enjoyment out of abusing powers and ruining other people's fun. You know the kind of people I'm talking about: The admin on a player run server who thinks he's so funny when he kicks, bans, or harasses the everyday player. These are the people who let any amount of arbitrary power go to their head. Should this kind of person reign as a god, over any kind of world? No.

Another of Molyneux's creations that tasks players with being gods. In the game, this is the evil temple, your center of power corrupted by your own dark side. What kind of temple will Henderson build?


I repeat No Gods, No Kings. No man or woman should have power absolute. Because power corrupts, and why should innocent players suffer? Hopefully mister Henderson proves to be a good person, or 22 Cans and Molyneux severely bridle his power if it becomes apparent he is inept. As always, thank you for reading, and have a nice day.