I'm writing this here as more of a letter to Microsoft, but also as an example of what not to do with the gaming market (the more hardcore, or passionate gamers that is).

Microsoft and Gamers

Microsoft said they made a console: "for gamers by gamers" (Don Mattrick). Their idea of a gamers is someone who would love to switch between games all the time and socialize about their experiences more often than creating new experiences. This is not true. A gamer is someone who loves to play games, and not care about socializing about them while playing them. Socializing is a strong factor though, but it happens afterwards, like say when you are openly trading games between friends.

Give Gamers Options

They seem to be forcing the Kinect on you. It's a great piece of equipment, really great. But if its only ever used for voice commands, then why bother with it? Get a mic and attach it, if you want voice. Get a camera and attach it if you want Skype. The all-in-one idea means you are getting a lot of stuff you may never use. A gamer just wants to play games, TV is not on their mind, and neither is Kinect.

Too many features Spoil the Broth

Admittedly, the Xbox One can do a lot more in Software than the Playstation 4 can. This is expected from Microsoft who are indeed a software company. But, there is too much going on. Early on Microsoft had a set-top box for TV and entertainment. But one day they decided to put it all as one unit. That was a bad idea because now you have disenfranchised everyone who wants to buy the console. I think it'll suffer from brand confusion day one. Is it for games and gamers? They guy who can't get enough sports on TV or for the music and film buffs who want to use it as a general entertainment experience? Or what about the socialites who like Skype and other networking features? A gamer is not one or all of these things, and so why does Microsoft try?

Sony has them Beat

I've loved Microsoft as a game company. But now I think they've distanced themselves from the gamer, like how Japanese studios were distancing themselves from the western RPG player (there's a comeback with Dragons Dogma and Dark Souls), but still they are beat by Sony. Their definition of a gamer is different, which is proof enough. Both Sony and Microsoft debuted their consoles well below projected price points (600-700$ was the ballpark for them). But Sony really took me and the world by surprise by dropping a whole 100$ below Microsoft. I hope they can recoup their loss with that kind of pricing, consoles have always been late bloomers when it comes to profit.

Microsoft needs to step up

Redefine your description of a gamer Microsoft! Undo your policy on game trades and used games. Make a console for gamers, not against them. You still have time, and with so many cool things going into Xbox One I for one would really hate to see it under-perform due to this kind of stranglehold on the games market. People will decide what console is best. Just give them the opportunity to do whatever they want once they have the console in their hands. It's simple, really. Sony is only ahead because they realized this.