Since the GI staff is listing their games that have sucked up their time I thought I'd do the same.

The Elder Scrolls

From the first time I woke up on that ship on my way to Morrowind to the 20th different character I made in Oblivion (unfortunately I haven't played Skyrim yet) I've probably sunk at least 500 hours into the series.

The Legend of Zelda

 I've put over 200 hours just in Ocarina of TIme. II've probably beat it 25-30 times since I was 3. It is and most likely will remain forever my favorite game of all time. I have beat all the games in the series (CD-i not included) at least once. In total this series has probably taken up almost 2000 hours of my life, time well spent.

Final Fantasy

I've played all the single player game (most of them to completion) in the main series and most of the spinoffs. I've beaten X at least 5 times, with all the best weapons once (just that took at least 50 hours). I've averaged about 50-60 hours a game (over 500 total)

Well thats mine, how bout you?