My last few survival-horror related blog posts have been about specific games. Not this time. THIS time, we're taking a look at the thing that makes survival horror so great- the greatest survival-horror monsters of all time.

The Brute- Dead Space

The Brute, as seen in Dead Space

Your first encounter with a Brute can be described as nothing more than terrifying. These walking tank-like abominations would love nothing more than to literally rip you limb from limb and reduce you to an unrecognizable pile of gibs piled neatly in the corner. One of the most iconic necromorphs in Dead Space, when a Brute comes walkin' round the corner, get ready.

The licker

Licker, as seen in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 5

Referred to as Licker B (Licker beta) in Resident Evil 5, little actually changed about this hideous 4-legged monsters. Lickers are an advanced stage of Crimson Head, who are, in turn, an advanced stage of a normal zombie. Essentially, each zombie, given enough time, will mutate into a licker. Characterized by the meaty flesh, huge claws, exposed brain and, mostly, it's whip-like tounge, Lickers not only deal out damage, they can also take it in excess. And what's worse, they travel in rather large packs. Dayum.


Cerberus, as seen in the Resident Evil series

They're *** zombie dogs. Seriously. What more needs said? Should I mention the excessive rotting flesh? The creepy eyes? The fact that they're practically a walking FUBAR? I could, but what point would it be? Nothing more needs to be said after "*** zombie dogs."


The Twitcher, as seen in Dead Space

Twitchers are the result of soldiers aboard the USM Valor being infected with their stasis packs still attached. This created an odd inverse reaction, making Twitchers move faster rather than slower. Much faster. They can easily close long distances, and in a game where distance is your friend, this is terrifying. Their incessant and creepy-ass twitching doesn't make them more pleasent either.


Pyramid Head, as seen in the Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill: Homecoming 

Did you really think I'd do a blog dedicated to survival-horror monsters and not include Pyramid Head? Hell, I could an entire blog dedicated to Pyramid Head. As far as the story of Silent Hill is concerned, Pyramid Head is the physical embodiment of punishment, always walking on the scene when our protagonist feels guilty for something. He's also quite a riot at parties.

iron maiden

The Iron Maiden, as seen in Resident Evil 4

These things scare the **** out of me. They make freaky-ass sounds. They move in a freaky-ass way. They can regenerate lost limbs and they can grab your ass from yards away and impale you all over the place. These are definately up there in the long list of greatest survival-horror monsters.


Nurses, as seen in the Silent Hill series

Almost just as iconic as Pyramid Head, nurses appear in every Silent Hill game to date. They resemble a slew of things in different games (fear of hospitalization, sexual depravation, opinions of nurses in the military), and are rather easy and unexciting to kill, but there sheer creepy aura and easily recognized characteristics help them make the list.

chainsaw majini

The Chainsaw Majini, as seen in Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 may have been a major let down, but I have to give Capcom credit; he's not as tough as Dr. Salvador, but he's sure as hell a lot more terrifying.


U3, as seen in Resident Evil 4

My personal favorite baddy of all time, U3 loves to kill things. With his monstrous strength, dexterity, and ability to reduce you to an upper-half and lower-half of Leon, U3 get's my vote for most terrifying survival-horror game monster. Ever.

And that concludes my series of blogs on survival-horror. Please feel free to comment about my choice of monsters as well as you're own personal favorites.