With Halloween around the corner, I figured this would be a good time to dive into some of the greatest survival-horror titles in recent to semi-recent times. Bring your security blanket, 'cuz this is just part one.

Dead Space

Widely hailed as one of the greatest survival-horror titles of this generation, Dead space tells the futuristic tale of a maintenance crew investigating a mining ship in deep space after there is a percieved communications malfunction, only to be greeted by a hideous alien plauge called Necromorphs; an alien-zombie hybrid made from your nightmares and the tears of small children. Trapped with no way out, it's up to Isaac Clarke, our protagonist, to unravel the mysteries of the Necromorphs, the "Marker," and figure out how to get out of this unending hell.

The Brute: one of the nasiter baddies waiting to reduce you to an unrecognizable pile of gibblets.

Spitting in the face of what is commonplace in most survival-horror titles, Dead Space changes things up in numerous ways. First of all, the game does not overload on cutscenes; in fact, there's only one, which is encountered at the end of the game. Instead, cutscenes involving other characters are displayed as holographic images displayed beside your character while you still move freely about, and cutscenes involving your character involve character interaction without ever breaking gameplay. Loading screens are clerverly hidden, seeming with the gameplay, and until you pause it, you never really stop playing.

Secondly, the game takes the concept of "aim for the head," and kills you with it.

As the rather disturbing picture above clearly states, the only way to banish the necromorphs for good is to dismember them. While it works well for you, it unforutnately works very well for them...

Another staple in the Dead Space universe is the extremely long, gore-laden cutscenes (some of which exceed 10 seconds real-time, the longest of which is over 30 seconds real-time).Such things satisfy the bloodlust in the psychopathic among us, piquing aour curiosity and making us kill ourselves just to see how a particular death scene will play out. What other game could do that?

It's called Dead Space for a reason.