(After the Release of the Next Generation of Consoles)

On the last episode of the GI Show podcast, the GI guys talked about two very bad games: Ride to Hell: Retribution and Dark. While these games were in the spotlight, the conversation often shifted to terrible games in general and the bright future for GI's Saturday morning staple, Replay. As a response to that podcast and a fun topic in general, here are the top ten games primed for an episode of Replay.

#10 Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie*

King Kong has found life through the enthusiasm of achievement chasers. Known as one of the easiest 1000G on 360, the game takes you through the events of the movie (as the name implies). The character models and their animations look terribly outdated, and the game could provide more than a few laughs during an episode of Replay.

#9 Gun*

An open-world game set when the West was still untamed and full of dangerous opportunity, Gun has many good ideas. However, with Red Dead Redemption being an obvious point of comparison, many of its gameplay elements and story achievements are overshadowed and ignored. Red Dead is a better game, and Gun is not talked about anymore, but it should not be completely forgotten. Replay could bring some life back to an old game.

#8 Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess*

The choice is based around the belief that every Zelda game should at some point be an episode of Replay. Yes, this is a great game, and Replay rarely highlights the best of the best. However, The Legend of Zelda franchise always ignites great conversation from the GI staff and that is the best reason for them to play it.

#7 Perfect Dark Zero*

First-person shooters from early in the generation are plentiful in this list. This one has not aged very well, but it does have its own following. The spy genre is always fun, and Joanna Dark is a cool female character. While almost every aspect of this game feels archaic today, it would be interesting to hear the affect this game had on the industry when it first released.

#6 Heavenly Sword

One of the best assets of Heavenly Sword is its presentation. While not a ground-breaking combat system, the number of enemies and pure style is enough to give Heavenly Sword a nod. Plus, Nariko and stylized action make for great internet content.

#5 Prey

One of the few games where dying is amazing, Prey is one of those gems from the early part of the current generation. While certain aspects of the game feel archaic by modern standard and the character models are poor, Prey is still a very good game. The gory world of the massive alien vessels, the Native American spiritual elements, and the portal/gravity based puzzles make this game worth another look.

#4 Sneak King*

The ultimate grilled-creeper fantasy, Sneak King is one of those delicious pieces of video game history. Words cannot describe the hilarity that would ensue the moment this game was played in the Replay room. While this game is not at number 1 on this list, its ridiculousness and offbeat nature would be perfect for a Saturday morning video game session.

#3 Crackdown

Crackdown, the open-world bombastic shooter, would be a Dan Ryckert special. This is simple fun at its finest. Provide an open-world with the ability to unlock super powers. Throw in some bad guys. Sit back. Wait for Ryckert to yell or say "Check the tape." Another Saturday morning is complete.

#2 Vampire Rain

Vampire Rain is the worst game on this list and probably the worst game on any list. Words cannot describe how bad this game is. Only recorded gameplay will suffice. Tim has to play this one. No one else would have the patience. Seriously, we need this game to be on Replay.

#1 Condemned: Criminal Origins

Condemned has everything needed to be considered worthy a Replay-a creepy setting, outdated visuals, and scares that are still effective. The gameplay is melee-focused and visceral. The city and the protagonist are falling apart. Yeah, it's horror, and it doesn't get much better than this.

(P.S. Many of the games on this list are not bad as much as they are outdated. Some are bad. Vampire Rain and Condemned: Criminal Origins should be considered for a Super Replay, though for very different reasons.)

*Technically could be played for Replay now.

Gun, King Kong, Perfect Dark Zero, and Sneak King were available on previous gen consoles.

Twilight Princess released for the GameCube.

Were there any games from early in this console generation that you think would be perfect for an episode of Replay? The games included on this list were at least 5-6 years old. So, if you think of any other games that you want to see as part of Replay, let me know.