From my childhood, I can remember stories on the news of all the terrible things that happen in this world – another murder, another robbery, another person who does not care. These themes remain in the majority of news media that we consume daily. It is either the terrible aspects of life, or unnecessary information about the lives of celebrities. So, why are these terrible things the topics of regular conversation? It sells.

Video games are a very separate medium from basic entertainment media. Visually repulsive images are the norm. Video game violence does not shock one who often plays games. What do video game media outlets do when you can no longer shock the conscience? You start a fire.

Console wars are meaningless to many but an integral part of gaming to others. It is natural to defend one’s opinion. These wars succeed at creating buzz about usually old topics on days when the industry is a little slow or at times when the populace is especially vulnerable. One of these vulnerable times is when new consoles are about to launch. There are multiple comment sections and forums that spiral into meaningless back and forth over things which the average gamer cannot prove.

“This console is better than that console because it is.” Have you played anything on the system?

“One company is digging their own grave while another is doing everything the ‘right’ way.” Only time will tell what business strategy is best, and video games are a monetary democracy. Everyone has the opportunity to vote with their own money. The loudest voices championing a cause are always drowned out by the tide of money.

Despite this lack of meaning, I could spend a few minutes looking on some very popular websites who are creating articles knowing that they are baiting their readers into these meaningless discussions. So, why do it? It sells. It adds nothing of value to an intelligent conversation, but it creates a vacuum where the loudest and most obnoxious of gamers can spend hours going back and forth fighting a verbal war that cannot be won.

One of my favorite things about GameInformer and the majority of its dedicated members is that I see a much smaller percentage of articles and comments that seem to be trying to start a “war.” As new details emerge and the hype ramps up for this holiday season, enjoy your games. Do not let the occasional sensationalism of the industry destroy your excitement. However, I would ask that you use that excitement for good. Start conversations that will involve people from across the spectrum of modern gaming. Attacking people because of their opinion should never become the internet norm.

Pay attention to what you read. You never know when you may get caught up in the sensationalism of the industry.

My opinion: Leaning toward the PS4

Fewer online restrictions are necessary for my current internet connection

The difference in price benefits the PS4

No allegiance to one brand or internet infrastructure

Sony’s direction and message has captured my attention in ways that Microsoft has not

What is your opinion and why?

What console are you most excited for?

Do you agree with me that the industry often starts these wars for the sake of hype?

Let me know what you think.