The forest is haunted. How do I know this? I am its apparition.

The laughter of children once reverberated through this sacred place, but the children and the laughter are gone now. Their innocence was foreign to a world separated by the dark and the light. The world was cruel, and the curse was strong. Innocence could not overtake its power. The children are gone, but I remember the laughter. I miss the laughter.

I dwell in a realm unlike your own. The wolf howls, and I alone can hear. The tree that once wept, I alone remember the tears. The people are blinded in the dark, and I alone know their darkness.

How did it come to this? Why did she do this to me?

I beg for you not to blame her. There was a truth that neither of us understood at the time when the world was divided. In our world, a war must end in victory or defeat. In our youth, we choose a third option. The absence of war. With that decision my fate was sealed. Neither champion nor loser, I became the third option. An apparition. I was sent to abide in a world between the dark and the light to prepare the next incarnation for the task at hand. War is inevitable. Even now, it is nigh. The sun is setting, and two worlds are about to collide.

Do not be disheartened. There is always a boy, always a city, and always a princess. This time is no different. Only hope for victory or defeat. For in both, there is a promise of a tomorrow where the darkness breaks, and the sun rises again. I miss the sun.

Do not despair for me. My task will soon be over, and the sun will rise again. I will be at peace. I know you have many questions, but I must go now. My time is at hand. The wolf cries.



I hope you enjoyed this unofficial entry in the GIO community game "Guess That Character."

I did take certain creative liberties with this story, but I hope that you can still guess who it is. This is my interpretation of the character and the story associated with him/her.

As soon as someone guesses the character, I will add a picture of the subject of this post to the blog.

It is a short description, but once, I had this down on paper everything else I added seemed unnecessary.


The Hero's Shade

Nintendo Buddha guessed correctly.