The Gamer Vs. His Backlog

(16 months of gamer domination)

I joined the current generation of gamers in October of 2011. I walked into the local GameStop and left with a 250 GB Xbox 360 and a copy of Madden 2010. Madden was nothing more than a breadcrumb to hold me over while I did some research on which games I should pick up. I had no idea that there were six years of titles. After a few days of research, I was standing in front the rows of games at GameStop with no idea what I should get. What caught my eye? A little game known as BioShock. Science fiction, first-person shooter, rated M, and an underwater city—all of the above were firsts for me.  That afternoon when I got home, I drew the curtains to my bedroom, turned off all lights, and immersed myself in a story for the ages. 

The story was absolute gold. Everything about Rapture felt like a real city with an amazing history and a problem that destroyed everyone. I will withhold from detailing any spoilers for now, but Rapture’s effect on me was profound. The questions regarding objectivism, religion, and community were as intense as coming face to face with Splicers. In fact, the former haunted myconscious and subconscious mind long after the shrieks of the Splicers had faded. After a couple weeks and a 20 hour play through, I sat my controller down and applauded wondering where the next adventure would take me. It is safe to assume that had I not played BioShock I would probably not have been as excited to get more games.

With my trip to Rapture fresh on my mind,I searched for the next game to conquer.  The last game that I had played on my PS2 had been Final Fantasy XII, and my time with that game made me what a current gen RPG, not necessarily a JRPG. Also, I wanted something with a strong narrative and multiple installments completing a singular story arc. After a little more research, I walked out of my local video game store with (you may have guessed) Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion and Mass Effect. Oblivion was a fantastic Western RPG with a size and depth that blew my mind. Mass Effect communicated a branching storyline that made me feel like a fantastic soldier and an integral part of the fantasy universe.  My first three games were a foundation that cemented within me a love for gaming that I didn’t even know I had.

I still have a tremendous backlog, but the past sixteen months have been a great time for me as a gamer. I love this generation, but it is exciting to see it end. In this final year my backlog will inevitably shrink and expand. But, I am looking forward to all the great games that I have yet to play. 

Games completed (at least the main storyline): Arkham Asylum and City, BioShock and BioShock 2, Dante’s Inferno, Dead Space, Deadly Premonition, Dishonored, Elder Scrolls IV and V, Far Cry 3, Fable II, KoA: Reckoning, Lost: Via Domus, the Mass Effect series, Prey, Rayman Origins, Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare, and The Force Unleashed

Games currently playing for completion: Enchanted Arms, Fable III, and Condemned: Criminal Origins

Top five on my backlog: 1. XCOM Enemy Unknown, 2. Dead Space 2, 3. Deus Ex: Human Revolution, 4. The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, 5. Borderlands 2

Are there any games that deserve quicker consideration on my backlog? Are there games that you can’t believe I haven’t played? Let me know. We are all just a bunch of backlogged gamers with a wealth of games to play and not enough time (not sure if “backlogged” is an adjective). Have fun.

(Full Disclosure) I do own a Wii, but I only use it for party games, family games, and Nintendo exclusives.