Food. It’s what keeps us alive, whether giving us energy in the real world or refilling HP in the virtual worlds we romp in throughout our lives. It could be argued that the most iconic food in gaming is the mushroom from the original Super Mario Bros. But what about lesser known foods?

Come with me as we explore Bizarre foods: gaming edition.

Floor Chicken

A culinary cuisine found in most beam em ups, Floor Chicken can either be served with or without a plate and is often found in boxes or signs (sometimes trash cans) littering the downtown populace of your favorite crime ridden town. Whether it be Medieval Earth or Metro City, floor chicken retains its classic poultry taste while giving the protein you need to replenish your health so you can defeat the local mafia.


Spinal Cords

Spinal Cords are the Gatorade of cyborgs. It replenishes much needed electro lights that you’ve lost in combat. Spinal Cords became a delicacy amongst the exploits of Raidan during his Revengence mission. Often times the cyborg would gorge on the delicious robo-marrow, taking two or three spines at a time. Spinal Cords are best when they are freshly harvested from a defeated foe and crushed in your hand, to be absorbed by your processors.


Vitamin Water

Vitamin Water is a refreshing drink filled with minerals and, of course, vitamins in the real world. However, in 50 Cent: Bulletproof the drink takes on an even greater purpose: maximizing 50 Cent’s health. Of course I imagine as the owner of Vitamin Water at the time, this granted 50 an ability to control the beverage, transforming it into something of greater power on his quest of revenge.


Random Blue Bottle Filled With Mystery Liquid

Flynn Taggart (better known as Doomguy or more recently Doomslayer) is no stranger to dining in strange places, and the pits of Hell offer a new and revitalizing drink: a random blue bottle filled with some sort of liquid (most likely). When consumed Flynn gains an extra hit point (even if he already has 100), allowing him to gain some sort of supernatural vitality that acts as a buffer to damage. The drink tastes like blue raspberry Fanta mixed with the tears of a wretched soul. If you ever stop by the realm of the damned, you have to try it.


What’s better than succulent beef? What about beef with two heads. Brahmin offers both hide and dinner. Chock full of protein, and can be made into steaks, jerky, stew, or it can be added to a chili. Some may stick their nose up at the two-headed radiated cow, however those who look past its perceived imperfections will find smoky flavor that feels like home in the wasteland.

*Author’s note: I am required by my editor to inform you that Brahmin does contain harmful radiation. Ingest at your own risk.


What Bizarre gaming delicacies have you encountered on your gaming adventures? Let me know below.


Thanks for reading!