Third-party,a very controversial topic in Smash. I've made Dr. Mario, Lucina, and Dark Pit costumes, while Zero Suit Samus and Sheik have been bundled into their relative people. I've added Young Link, Decidueye, King K. Rool, Samurai Goroh, Wolf, Ice Climbers, Takamaru, Nester, (technically) Mii Athlete, Saki Amamiya, Isaac, Stylist, and Rhythm Troupe. Alright, let's begin.


Konami, now worse! In Brawl, we had Snake, who was cut out in 4. I'm adding Snake back in though. Why? He was really fun in Brawl and Metal Gear is a popular franchise which is getting a new game in Metal Gear Survive. Whether it is good or not is another question. So, I'm also adding Simon Belmont from Castlevania because he was a retro icon and is like Mega Man, but Konami and M-rated.


I wish we had a Dreamcast 2, that'd be just fine by me... Anyway, we've had Sonic in Brawl, and Bayonetta in 4. I'm not adding or cutting anyone because I don't want anyone to take more than 2 spots. Sonic is not going to be cut out because Nintendo and Sega are pals now, and Bayonetta was "the Ballot winner".


You know what'd be cool? Nintendo vs. Capcom. Mega Man and Ryu were added in 4, and I'm not adding or subtracting anymore. Mega Man 11 was just announced, so I doubt Nintendo would cut Mega Man, and Ryu is the King of Fighters (ha ha SNK joke).


I had a really hard time deciding between Lloyd Irving and Heihachi, keep that in mind. Pac-Man was added in 4. I decided to add Heihachi to rep more fighters and to have Street Fighter X Tekken again (speaking of which, where's Tekken X Street Fighter?)

Square Enix:

Shoutouts to the lack of an undo button, in case some accidental finger gymnastics delete some stuff. Phenomenal. Anyway, Cloud was added in 4, I'm adding Lara Croft because Dragon Quest has no huge characters (minus a slime), Chrono is MIA, the Eidos ones are niche (Kane and Lynch, Just Cause) or have failed recently (Hitman, Deus Ex), and Kingdom Hearts is probably partly owned by Disney (Sora at least).


I probably should have made 8 spots... I'm adding Travis Touchdown and Rayman, Travis has been Nintendo-exclusive for the most part (cough Heroes' Paradise cough) and Travis Strikes Back is a Switch-exclusive. Rayman has been shown to be at least sort of popular and Rayman Legends was originally planned to be a Wii U exclusive.


And here's why I needed 8. I'm adding Scorpion. From Mortal Kombat (owned by NetherRealm). Hey, stranger things have happened, and he's been in Injustice, which shows a way to get out of the extreme violence.

So, that is it until next Wednesday, where I make a conclusion to this, sum up my thoughts, and make a plan for my next "prediction" roster (which I do have an idea for). We've added Snake, Simon Belmont, Heihachi, Lara Croft, Travis Touchdown, Rayman, and Scorpion. That leaves us with 89 spots total and none left.