I know I am chugging these things out like hotcakes but I enjoy doing and and really don't feel like confining myself to a schedule. So If I have a thought, I will apply it to words. If I don't have something that doesn't come spontaneously then I will not strain to put it out so you may see my activity being very choppy. Just wanted to say it now, thanks!

Now the question that is continuously on my mind is where will one of the most beloved series of this generation go now? Ahead the mixed-feeling ending that made many fans question the exact same things many people are predicting a prequel while some same a sequel. I for one really do not care (but then again I do) all I want is a few things from the next entry. In this segment of 'My Love-Hate Relationship With' I will be adding a 'What I Want' category.

What I Want: I want a sequel. As i mentioned previously in a past post I stated that I thought a prequel limits the capabilities of the series and make fans angry, here's why: A sequel would give us the opportunity to see what happens afterwards. Is Shepard really alive? Did our choices really matter? I will admit they sort of wrote themselves into an awkward hole but I believe in them. I would also like the option of making my own character full on. Race, gender, skin tone, the whole thing. I know they can do it, they have made a masterpiece franchise in my eyes that simply can not die, at least without putting up a helluva fight...

What I Like: I like they are continuing support for the franchise. As reported on GameInformer some recent images were released on November 7th, N7 day. They have basically confirmed the next game and I am truly excited. I will be picking it up day as well as Dragon Age: Inquisition. I hope to see 'Mass Effect 4' on the cover of my GI magazine very soon. 

What I Don't Like: I don't like the possibility of a prequel. To see something as beautiful as this series held back with something like that could drive me insane. As I said before I fear a prequel. Will I play it, yes, will I like it, probably. If a sequel MUST happen I want to see the Krogan Rebellion, jus' saying. Going back to my original point I think it would still hold Mass Effect back. You may argue it could see up the story FOR a sequel but that takes time. Time that will drive me insane. I believe that they are wasting potential for something great. but that's just my opinion.

To close everything off I will support ME until the day I drop. I can't wait to see what the future holds and I can't wait to see what BioWare will craft next. What will they craft next can only be left up to imagination, but don't think to hard about or you might just be disappointed.... My next topic will be on...My Love-Hate Relationship With: Fallout 4. Don't forget to my last entry in the segment and my other blogs... Leave a comment below and tell me what you think! Don't forget to answer the Reader Question below as well! 

I would also like to encourage other bloggers to make there own 'My Love-Hate Relationship With', segments and include the tag of the same name. Lets see if we can get something going here!

In Other News: Its Sunday and its wrapping up! Monday is going to suck but don't worry for Thanksgiving is coming, which means food, family, and video games!

Reader Question: What do you think about the future of Mass Effect?