Hello. I have decided to do a new segment about games, news, or announcements in the gaming world and tell you all what I like about it and what I do not. I will go into some detail of the topic and then start with go into the 'I got good news, and I got bad news' part and finish strong with my next topic discussion announcement and  any other interesting bits I would like to share. Bear with me as I refine this segment for the viewing public.

The Story: Getting down to it the story is looking sound, only time will tell if it will mess with established lore that we have in the Bethesda line of Elder Scrolls. Its set 2,000 years before I think it was Skyrim, and Molag Bal is looking to bring Nirn, or perhaps just Tamriel, into his plane of Oblivion. Molag Bal is the Daedric prince of domination and he wants to enslave all the mortals in Nirn. His plane of Oblivion is known as Coldharbour. He is also given the title creator of vampires. So in general hes just a very bad dude. His people have taken over the Imperial City dead in the middle of the continent. Now there are three sides after control. The Ebonheart Pact (Nords, Dunmer, and Argonians), The Daggerfall Covenant (Bretons, Redguards, and the Orcs), and finally the Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer, Khajiit, and the Bosmer). They are all vying for control and all of them have there reasons and the common enemy of Molag Bal. My favorite alliance so far is the Ebonhearts. With the Covenant as a close second. I absolutely despise the Altmer so they come in last place.

What I Like: Elder Scrolls Online started very strong with its announcements. The downside was that Bethesda is having a hand in it but not directly, only as advisors and story tellers. Its actual development is being done by Zenimax Media Online. As far as I can tell so far they are doing a great job graphically and gameplay wise with there Mega-Server technology possibly revolutionizing things in the MMO world. They have also done a great job making it feel alive. For instance if you help a person they may offer aid in a bigger quest and if you don't help them that aid will not be available. Only time will tell if this is a thorough feature throughout the game.

They have also done a good job keeping it familiar. Instead of making into the usual MMO experience objects can be messed with dynamically just like the other Elder Scrolls and first-person is available for those that prefer it (like me). Making most buildings (or all, it has exactly been clarified) interactive as well gives them a step up. The game looks gorgeous as well and the immersion is fairly high. Jumping off a high object will force your people to roll when they land among other things of that nature. I am also confused as if ALL the continent will be explorable or if it is broken up into sections. 

Though at first it was hard to swallow it was on PC, with the E3 announcement of it coming to the Xbox One and PS4 as well I was excited to say the least. They showed of some impressive stuff in the trailers at E3 and I urge you to look them up.

What I don't Like: Unfortunately the game, so far, comes with a $15 a month subscription. Wait a minute, a monthly subscription for a Elder Scrolls game? This is and outrage! Bethesda agrees with us as well. Though I think it is more Microsoft and Sony wanting in on the action Zenimax is getting a cut as well. I'm not for sure of who gets what but there it is. Bethesda is urging all parties involved in this atrocity of justice to change the model, because one thing I know for certain is I can't afford the subscription. Beyond that I can't see much wrong with the game, some may call them a sellout, trying to squeeze whatever they can from the franchise, but I generally like the idea. My only hope is that they innovate more on the MMO style and change it up even more and show World of Warcraft how its done! There doing good, but its going to be a long road ahead...

Thanks for reading guys! My next topic will be on...The next Mass Effect title, and discuss the rumors and confirmations and everything in between and tell you all about what I think off the next title. If you like my blog please check out my others, don't forget to comment below and tell me what you think!

In other News: Xbox One released with a great deal of success but people are still, and always will, fight to the death for there console. My opinion, Xbox rules! That is not to say PS4 sucks though...

Reader Questioning: Are you alright with the $15 a month deal, and if not, will you still pay?