'This picture represents a typical moment in Space Station 13, read below.'

In my experience, user-generated may not be the most popular for of gaming, but it does gain a crowd of devoted followers. Some forms of this can equal up to very simple designs. Today I would like to introduce you to some of these mediums of game design and user-generated content. 

Notice: I will not mention MineCraft or other titles on here because they are popular. These are the backdoor sites where a more interactive experience can be made.

ROBLOX: First up is ROBLOX. Though I have been absent for some time the foundations for it still stand. You download a client, enter into your own world, or other peoples worlds, and play. Making your own simply takes time. The world is not very realistic. Its basically LEGOS. It has a 'fully functional' coding base built in when you can program certain things to do certain things. Be forewarned that if you do decide to check it out, the fanbase is mostly kids, but hey, its a great introduction into the world of game developing and I think that it will inspire a new generation of gamers and designers.

Link: http://www.roblox.com/Default.aspx

BYOND: Now I would like to introduce you to BYOND. This game is very fun but time-consuming. Sort of a easy to learn hard to master kind of thing. You can make your own game here as well but it involves coding, coding, and more coding. Its the more backdoor style. Instead of giving you the tools to make a game like ROBLOX, its very tedious but still easier than starting from scratch. The most popular game on there is Space Station 13. It is by far the funnest and funniest time you will ever have on a free game when you get into. It also requires a client to run though.

Link: http://www.byond.com/

I will be doing a part 2 later after I revisit some old sites. 

Thanks for reading!