After last night's GTA V rant, I wanted to feel for those who are bitter towards Take 2's decisions. This is a game that's held the top sellers list on Steam for a ridiculous amount of time, and received an equally ridiculous amount of praise...having Take 2 up and ban mods kind of makes the company look ungrateful for the support GTA V has received since it arrived on PC. But...leave it up to gamers to make an even bigger deal out of a bad situation. 

Not content with slapping Overwhelmingly Negative reviews on Steam, people are going out of their way to piss all over any and all game under the Rockstar label. Max Payne 3, LA Noire, Bully, even the PS2 era GTA titles are getting bombed with negative reviews, and...I kind of find it fishy that I've stumbled on a couple reviews that had no more than an hour played on it. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but if someone out there seriously spent money on a game just to write a scathing review (about an issue not even related to these games), that's just ludicrous. 

I believe that games should be judged by their own merits. Just because GTA V is catching a lot of heat (by gamers instead of politicians, ironically) and people may be a little upset, I can understand that. But to take it out on other games that aren't even a part of the controversy is...well, you gotta admit it's kind of immature of us. Because you're not sticking it to the man by acting like spoiled brats - this is PC gaming we're talking about, a platform where 90% of developers seemingly loathe it. I hate to say it, but keep it up and Rockstar probably won't even bother porting their games over in the future.

On one hand, I'm impressed that people managed to tank GTA V's raving reviews overnight. On the other...let's keep this impersonal. GTA V is the issue, not the entire Rockstar catalog, some that don't even have mods to begin with. At the end of the day, I think we should all be grateful we have an equal experience to consoles. Sure, I think Take 2's boneheaded last minute dickhead move was...well, dickheaded and pointless as GTA Online has been notorious for having indigenous hackers, and having something you've enjoyed for a long time being snatched out of your hands is never a good feeling. Hey, I feel you guys on that. GTA V sucks now. And I'm also not against boycotting their future games, if that's your thing. Still, focus on the game you've got a problem with, not suddenly having a blood rage against the old titles you're merely forcing yourself to hate because of that one game that struck a nerve with you.