Ubisoft games are the kind I'd usually buy at a discount. I haven't paid full price for a Ubisoft title in years, mostly because their games really aren't that different from each other. I still felt the same grueling slog in Syndicate as I've felt in any other Assassin's Creed game, and Primal's open world is exhausting to roam around in as it is in modern day settings. I didn't even bother with Watch Dogs 2 because...honestly, Ubisoft is just getting ridiculous with open world elements now. It's at the point where if it's a sequel, it's basically the same thing, and the only way I can appreciate it is by knowing I bought it at expansion pack price. However, after playing the Wildlands demo, I was convinced that I would enjoy this game and dropped down the cash immediately. 

The Wildlands demo is stunning for many reasons. You're playing a huge chunk of the game complete with missions, unlockables and gameplay mechanics that were taken from the full game. I can't say I've played a game demo for over 8 hours too many times. Hell, that's the length of most full priced games. But most surprisingly was my experience with the game. I can't say I've had too many glitches happen, unless you count the time I saw an NPC vehicle stuck halfway into the ground while the bewildered driver stood on the rear bumper, but stuff like this is more hilarious than aggravating. Well, *** me. Ever since I started playing the full game, I've had nothing but glitches happen to me. 

Whether it's a fantastic first impression by having the game tell me I don't have the disc in the drive  -a minor bug that easily goes away after pressing Okay. Then having it take 5 minutes just to load the character creation menu, the first time I trigger a mission the game crashes, or loading screens that take minutes...just to *** with you and start a percentage meter out of nowhere. I've had glitches where my controls were reversed - I had to aim to summon my drone, and tinker with gun settings while I had my weapons holstered. I'd have glitches where my character would permanently lean to the right when I aim despite not being in cover, moments where my character wouldn't lean into cover, grenade indicators that don't explode, jarring split second freezes that throw off my aim...but perhaps the most aggravating is having parts of the map fail to trigger mission intel so I'm wandering around an empty part of Bolivia with no purpose. So, great...I have 2 missions I can't even start, and I'm at the mercy of Ubisoft releasing a patch - and you know how well that goes. 

On one hand, I want to give it a free pass because as a huge fan of games like Elder Scrolls and Fallout, games all but expected to have glitches right off the bat...and Wildlands does sort of prove that Ubisoft is getting better with open world games, at least with this one. On the other...these are some pretty serious bugs, and going from a good running demo to a messy final product is kind of shocking. Having to haul a plane to a rebel base for the past 10 minutes, dodging missiles left and right just to have the game freeze seconds before you're about to land is frustrating, as being locked out of progress. Oh, and I also have a glitch where the same *** dialogue for a mission I completed hours ago greets me at the start of the game. So now I hate quinoa, and anyone who says that word gets punched in the Dick.