Video games have really evolved over the years. What started out as mindless brain numbing fun, turned into a billion dollar industry. At what point did it transition? At what point did people stop looking at the industry just as mild fun? Perhaps it was when the gamers started getting a better understanding of the game's main character. As the characters started to develop over the course of the game, the player can sort of feel a connection to the character. Some video game character's have such powerful stories, they can actually affect the player.

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The Best Video Game Heroes
As Seen By P.M.C

10. Isaac - Dead Space

     Poor Isaac had no idea what he was getting into, which is one of the reasons why he was chosen by me. This dude wasn't really prepared for what he was about to get into. When a routine cleaning mission goes wrong, Isaac had to defend himself from ruthless and vicious monsters. Among all that he had to find a way out of the ship he and his crew mates were trapped on. When he found out his missing girl friend may be in the same ship, Isaac knew something was up. Entering even Zero Gravity chambers to save himself and it teammates, Isaac defined a next generation game *** He rose to the test, and did what he had to do. Isaac is a reminder of how a normal person, can be a truly super one.

9. Super Mario - Super Mario RPG :Legend of the Seven Star

     While Super Mario may be an iconic legend, his platforming games never had a truly deep story so there wasn't much room for character development. When Square and Nintendo collaborated on this awesome game, they were able to create an awesome story out of the series wonderful settings. Square told us an epic tale. Mario had to collect the legendary stars to save the world from a greater evil than Bowzer. He got new friends while exploring the world. Visiting lush jungles, deep sewers, a active volcano and even a hill of stars. All the while teaming up with Bowzer and Peach to settle the score against the greater evil. This game is a classic, and Mario really shines as an amazing hero.

8.  (Insert Your Name Here)- Dragon Quest VIII

      The main character in Dragon Quest VIII had no real name. His default name was Hero though. He was a quiet, and brave young man. He never spoke a word through out the game, which brought on some much needed development. You learned enough about throughout the journey, and learned of his early life in the post game..Little was known about him and he reminded me a lot of the main characters from the old Dragon Warrior games. He wielded swords,boomerangs and spears. Along side of him was his trusty partner Munchie, who would help you solve some puzzles in the adventure.That whole game was like one long nostalgia trip, and he blended quite well into the driver's seat.

7. Dr. Gordon Freeman- Half Life Series

      Just a normal scientist, until one day an experiment goes horribly wrong. Gordon became an iconic legend after this game. He is just like Isaac because he had no idea what he was getting into. Gordon wasn't prepared for what awaited him at the lab that day. He made the best of his situation, and came out on top. That is hard to do, and Gordon Freeman made that sh*t look easy. All's my homie needs is a crowbar.

6. Terra- Final Fantasy VI

      A strange and mysterious woman is who you start the game as. She is the only human ever born with the ability to use magic. The empire finds a way to her and realizes they can use her. They put a slave crown on her and control her. After getting the crown removed she joins the Returners.  Terra was so special because her mother was a human and her father was an esper. Espers were summpn creatures in Final Fantasy VI world. Because of this Terra had phenomenal power, and was one of the strongest characters in the game. Her interesting story, and magic skills make her a great character. She was also the most important character of that great game, and its enchanting storyline.

5.  Darc- Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits

        In this Arc the Lad title, there was a on going battle between the two dominant species, the humans and the deimos. The Deimos were beast like creatures that could  walk and speak like humans. The player got to see the game from the two perspectives throughout the game. You played as a young human man and a young deimos.  Darc was a deimos. He faced many struggles growing up and never had an easy life. His father was a deimos and his mother was a human. The way of the deimos was to rule you must be stronger than the others. Darc fought his way until he was the king of all the Deimos. When given the choice to save the humans or destroy them, he let them live out of pity. Darc was an anti-hero all through the game, and his final decision shows that he had heart too.

4.Samus Aran - Metroid Series

      Samus is one awesome character. She has been fighting off intergalactic wars against strange creatures for years now, and she doesn't look like she will be stopping anytime soon. What makes Samus so interesting is that in the first one, most of us played through it thinking they were playing as a robot dude or something of that nature. She takes off her helmet at the end and you see who it really is underneath. I think alot of gamers will agree with that that moment was one of the biggest WTF!?! moments they had seen in awhile. Not only that, she has various abilities and weaponry that no other game can match. Whether she shoots ice and fire beams from her awesome cannon on her arm, or rolls into a ball easily squeezing into a space no one else could. Samus is one of the most unique and bad a** characters in all of gaming.

3.Crono- Chrono Trigger

       Crono is another example of being in the right place at the wrong time. He just went to a local fair one day and ends up getting transported 400 years into the past. He didn't foresee this, Crono just wen't to go have some fun with this friend Lucca. He ends up traveling all over the time frame in his quest to restore order to the world.  His companions are from all over the time line, and they create a rag tag group of adventurers. Crono was a great ally in battle as well, and had powerful abilities too. In my humble opinion Chrono Trigger is the greatest game ever made. Crono goes through a lot throughout his adventure, and even gets resurrected at one point. Crono is a really well written character, and one hell of a hero.

2. Solid Snake- Metal Gear Series

         Only one person could take down an entire military operation in 15 hours. That guy would be Solid Snake. Infiltrating a discrete and dangerous terrorist organization is no easy task, and he went in armed only with a pack of cigarettes and a codec. Using stealth and the shadows as his ally, he slowly but surely took down the enemy. One by one, he defeated the once vicious army. Again even in his old age, Snake was able to defeat more threats to his beloved country. Snake defined what it means to be a hero. He wasn't bestowed with magical abilities, or a ten foot sword. Snake just made the best of what he had, be it a weak pistol or a cardboard box. Solid Snake will be remembered as one of the most important figures in all of video games.

1. Link- The Legend of Zelda Series

          I think it's safe to say that amongst all of video games heroes, Link has faced the most odds. In each iteration of the franchise, he faces amazing dungeons littered with enemies and tough puzzles. Link always finds a way to solve these troubles, and is always ready to help no matter the cost. Sometimes he just gets caught up into things against his own will. Be it fate, or just his destiny, whoever dons the green cloak is always ready for whatever Ganon and his minions bring him. There have been many different Links throughout the series, and they have all been able to rise to the occasion. Link may not ever speak, but that doesn't matter. He speaks with his actions. Link defends Hyrule over and over again, and never questions it. Link is a true hero in this sense, he knows what he needs to do.


So who are your favorite video game heroes ever?