Am I the only person who would rather have a good soundtrack in my game then have good graphics? I feel like the music in games is an integral part to the whole experiance. It just seems that nowadays developers focus more on the graphics than the sound now. Music in some games is just a filler. I miss when the video games music had soul and heart.Back then the music was important to the mood and setting of a game. Without voice acting, the game developers had to use their music as climactic moments in their game.

                   More and more I find myself playing newer games, and am very disapointed. While games like Mass Effect 2 and God of War 3 have epic soundtracks, it isn't a trend anymore. I remember being little and buying games like Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy 6,7,8,9, Chrono Trigger the list goes on. These games all in that era had wonderfully talented composers to set the mood for their games.Maybe its because this generation of gamers isn't interested in the music., but they would rather have pretty graphics to look at.

              I just wish that developers would put more effort into their video games music. I have heard some great music playing some of my favorite games. Some games music I liked so much, I bought the soundtrack. I remember seeing Sephiroth, with the flames burning at Nibelheim, and I couldn't imagine hearing any other music than that haunting chant. I don't mean to vent, but does anyone else feel this way?



Top 5 Game Soundtracks as seen by P.M.C

5. The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past


       Man that is one powerful SNES cartridge! Before we the developers had all the fancy technology out now, they were seriously limited with music samples they could use. These are orchestrated versions of the songs. But if you wanna hear the music how is was originally made, pop it in your SNES and hear it for yourself! Well you could always get the original soundtrack too. Seriously though, if you've never played through this game you need to stop reading this right now, bookmark it or something, playthrough and you will understand why it was chosen. Not only is the games soundtrack fantastic, the game itself is revolutionary and very important to the video game industry. One of the greatest journeys of all time.


4. Final Fantasy VI

                    Man I remember playing this game on SNES when we all still thought it was only the third Final Fantasy. I remember humming along to all the songs after pouring hours upon hours into this game. I will never forget some of this games WTF moments, and its awesome cast of characters. The storyline was good, but the music really shined. This soundtrack is packed with great songs. While traveling through the games world, you will be amazed at how much the music plays a role in the game. It was used to tell the story as well as keep a rhythm to the game. Amazing job done by Nobou Uematsu, really influential composer and arguably one of the greatest who ever lived. This game is a treat in itself, the music is the perfect topping to this wonderful epic adventure.

3.Chrono Trigger

              If you haven't played this game your missing out. If you haven't heard its music your missing out. Seriously. Not only is this the greatest game ever made imo, it has an epic soundtrack that perfectly complements the games awesomeness. I love the amazing journey you go on, and the countless enemies and worlds to explore. The music was uplifting and made me a Yasunori Mitsuda fan for life. He is one of my favorite musicians, not just video game musicians. So influential, his music ranges so much and really keeps the player intrigued as they journey through one of the greatest RPGs of all time.

2. The Legend of Zelda- Ocarina of Time

      Ah, what can I say that hasn't been said about this game? Well not only did it practically revolutionize video games in its era, it also boasted one of the greatest musical soundtracks ever. This game has so many cool songs. The game also made music a powerful ally! This really made the music important and was a key element in the game. Walking through the Lost Woods and hearing Sarias Song, ahh it brings back so much memories. Everything about this game is nostalgic, and the music is a big part of that. 

1. Chrono Cross

       This game is a strange one. It didn't have much to do with its sequel, was rather confusing, but it was very good. Although the connections to Chrono Trigger were few and far between, they still made an excellent game and worthy sequel. It had a wild cast of over 45 playable characters, an interesting plot  It also boasts the greatest music I have ever heard. Period. The music on this game so powerful and influential, it made me want to aspire and become a better musician after hearing it.I listen to Yasunori Mitsuda on a daily basis, and I never get sick of it. A majority of that music is from this games Original Soundtrack. Take some time, and listen to these tracks. You won't be disappointed.