I've always listened to lots and lots of different genres in my life, and most of them have inspired me to go out and create my own blend of unique and strange jams. I feel like music can be considered in its own class of entertainment, because songs can relate to personal moods or feelings. This is the first half on my list of what i think are the most influential, and creative bands in the history of music. 





       Coming straight out of compton, a loud and proud group of young African-Americans stood up against "the man" and told the mainstream what was really going down in Las Angeles. The corrupt cops, the drug smugglers, the  local gangs and the street wars. These guys didn't back down and got a lot of heat from the media due to their unique approach to life.  Like Public Enemy before them, they got their message across the hard way and never backed down. They used a raw form of hip-hop called gangster rap to tell us how they felt. The group disbanded after only 5 years on the scene, but they will be remembered as one of the best hip-hop groups of their era; maybe even of all time. 

Here's one of their classics




       They were a group of three guys from Long Beach California, with inspiration ranging from Bad Religion to Bob Marley. The group combined many different genres in their artistic style of music. With shades of punk rock, reggae, hip-hop, metal, blues, jazz and just about anything you can think of. These guys would play anything, and they had an amazing sound. Just when the band was getting big their lead singer Bradley Nowell passed away due to an overdose. The tragedy left the remaining members awe struck, so they disbanded. There is talks of them getting back together with a new singer, but the group would never be the same. This band should be listened to anyone who considers themselves a music fan.

Heres them jammin' at a live show back in the day. 


8. The Who

        In the 60/70's era there was such amazing music that it was hard to pay attention to them all. The Who made sure you would remember them, ending most of their shows by smashing their musical instruments in a fury and storming off the stage. They also played fantastic music that was unique, fast and just plain fun. With such a creative take on popular music in their era, they will always be remembered as key figures in their time. They were inducted into the rock'n'roll hall of fame in 1990, rightfully so. They deserve some playtime if you haven't ever listened to them, but chances are you already like some of their songs.

Heres the original line up doing one of their classics.


7. Bad Brains

          Most popular bands tend to stick to one genre, Bad Brains weren't like most bands. They would play some brutal punk rock and then switch over into a Rastafarian inspired reggae uplifting song. They started in 1977 in DC and played a lot of little shows until they could get a name for themselves. They played complex riffs and rhythms that ordinary punk rock bands would be in awe of. Their front man H.R is full of energy on stage and would jump into the crowds, getting into the various mosh pits that were formed. A truly unique band, they still play today and have been recording recently. 

Here is them playing one of their punk rock classics.


6. Rage Against The Machine

       Powerful and politically charged lyrics from front man Zack De Leroch fueled this hybrid punk/metal/ hip-hop group. Zack sang about the current crisis in the world and would speak about what others were afraid of. With his wicked flow of lyrics, and the bands mesmerizing  blend of metal and punk to Zack's hip-hop style lyrics they could not be stopped. If you've never listened to these guys you are seriously missing out.


Heres my favorite song by them.


Hope you enjoyed the first part. i'll probably finish it up tomorow night after classes. I got three of them tomorow, ugh... Let me know how i did so far, whether you agree or disagree.