Could gamers save the world?

                         You are a soldier facing a critical role, your supposed to cover your Captain as he goes into a enemy tunnel to scope out if its safe to move forward. You notice that there is enemy soldier creepin behind your captain so you get him with your Famas. The success inspires your team and you end up in the heart fo the enemy base. Then you save and turn off your console and go on doing your normal activities in your every day life. What if these critical moments in our favorite games could give us an edge if something drastic happened in our life? It sounds a little far fetched, but you never know.

                       Video games are known to improve people's reaction time.You need to pay attention to your surroundings in almost every game. being aware of the next enemy strike or a deep pass for a touchdown. In role-playing games your characters progress through a story and accomplish world safety. These ideals in the games we play would be fantastic in our own world. The actions just carry a greater weight in the games.

                      We are faced with grave problems in our world today. Poverty, world hunger, disease, pollution to name a few of them. If we would have the same inspiration to save our own planet as in our favorite games, maybe could change things. While it would be a long and painful process, with some determination to change our planet we could. While in video games the problems are usually on a much grander scale. that doesn't mean we couldn't take good things from the experiance.

                     I think if every gamer united we could fix all of the world's problems, but we probably would be busy pwning noobs, saving the princess, exploring dungeons and getting the game winning score.


Game on!