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(This is my opinion. Your opinion is probably different and that’s ok. In fact, fellow Gamers-Association writer Nick Cane has his own take on The Elder Scrolls: Online. I highly recommend you read his perspective of the game.)


Opinions on The Elder Scrolls: Online have been everywhere since the game was announced yesterday. Everyone seems to be pretty excited about the game. Personally, I am not one of those people. To be completely honest, I think the game is going to be awful. You’re probably wondering, “how can he say such a thing!?” Well, I’ll answer that question. Here’s why I think The Elder Scrolls: Online will be terrible.

It sounds like a WoW clone.

When details about the game were leaked yesterday, I was surprised how much it reminded me of a certain game called “World of Warcraft.” You might have heard of it. The article even says that the game will feature “World of Warcraft-style mechanics.” That’s almost like saying “the game will be called The Elder Scrolls: Online, but in reality it’s just another WoW clone. While it will have some exclusive features, it sounds like it’s going to be extremely similar to WoW. While there’s nothing wrong with WoW, people don’t want to play another WoW game. People want to play a true Elder Scrolls MMO.

Bethesda is not developing it.


Zenimax Online Studios is developing the game. While I’m sure they’re a decent studio, they’re not Bethesda. While Bethesda certainly has problems, they know how to make a good RPG. Some of the most popular RPGs of all time were developed by Bethesda. Zenimax Online could be the greatest MMO developer out there, but they’re not Bethesda. There are going to be things in the game that don’t feel like a Bethesda game, because it’s not. While it is true that Bethesda is publishing the game, there is a HUGE difference in publishing a game and developing a game. Bethesda will not have very much to do with the actual production of the game. Zenimax Online could do a great job, but it’s still won’t feel like the Elder Scrolls game fans have been wanting. Every developer has their own touch, and Zenimax’s touch will be different from Bethesda’s.

They’re changing the formula.


Zenimax Online isn’t just making an Elder Scrolls MMO, they’re also changing the formula of the series. Unlike in previous installments, character creation will be specifically class based. Players will be able to choose between three alliances, with each alliance having three races to choose from. Also, there won’t be a real estate system or player romances. Those are two of the more interesting parts of The Elder Scrolls series. I’m baffled that they’re not including either of them in the game. Finally, the combat is being tweaked. The combat is not going to be in real-time. Let me say this again, the combat is NOT  going to be in real-time. This is a major change that not enough people are talking about. While I frequently hear people complain about Skyrim’s glitches, I don’t hear people complain about the combat. The combat is fine the way it is. Why are they changing it? I mentioned earlier that this game won’t have Bethesda’s “touch”, but this is even more extreme than the game having a different feel. This will completely change how the game is played. While I’m sure some people will enjoy the change, the vast majority of fans will most likely be disappointed by it.

Bethesda is hungry for money.


While Bethesda isn’t developing the game, they are publishing it. As much as I like Bethesda, I admit that they are seriously greedy. Just google “Bethesda lawsuit”. There are multiple instances where Bethesda has sued people just because they can. They aren’t even good reasons most of the time. For example, Bethesda sued Mojang, because Mojang’s next game is called “Scrolls”. Markus “Notch” Persson, the founder of Mojang, said that Scrolls is nothing like The Elder Scrolls, but Bethesda sue him anyway. Bethesda tends to be jerk when money is involved. For The Elder Scrolls: Online, you can bet your wallet that it is going to have a monthly subscription fee. While I’m not saying this would make the game worse, don’t be surprised if Bethesda charges more than most people do. The standard MMO subscription fee seems to be $15 a month. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bethesda tries to get players to pay more than that. It could be seriously expensive to play this game for a long time. While some people could afford it, many gamers won’t play an MMO with high subscription fees for a prolonged amount of time. Even though $15 a month isn’t cheap, it worked for World of Warcraft. If Bethesda charges $20, or even $25 a month, many gamers won’t even get the chance to play the game themselves. Bethesda has a history of being very greedy, and I expect that to effect the pricing model.