At 10:30 PM on Friday night, my fiancee's water broke. We called the hospital, and were told to wait for the contractions to be between 4 and 6 minutes apart. At 2 AM Saturday morning, we made our way to the hospital.

We spent most of Saturday relaxing and hoping for a Halloween baby. Agatha was given an IV of pitocin, a drug that increases the intensity of contractions. All signs pointed to Saturday being the day of our daughter's birth, but go figure that things don't always work out in such ways.

At 9 PM, the midwife check again and Agatha was 5 centimeters dilated. Baby's heart rate was good and reacting to the contractions, so even though it wouldn't be a Halloween baby, it would still be born in probably a few hours.

Not once did Agatha ask for pain medication. I realized how strong she is when at 2:20 AM Sunday morning (after the time jump, so that was an extra hour of labor it seemed), woke me up from a 20 minute drift-off just by squeezing my hand. It was game time, so to speak, and we were ready.

At  3:30 AM, the midwife check Agatha's cervix again. It was still 5cm, and the baby was no longer reacting to the contractions. Not to say the baby was in any danger- the heart rate was hovering at 145 bps- but the consistently intense contractions were taking a toll on Agatha's strength and endurance. The midwife then went to get the obstetrician to come talk to us. He told us that we would need to do a C-section, or else labor could continue for another several hours.

At 4AM, they moved Agatha to pre-op and gave me a set of scrubs. I was kind of a mess at this point, and I was so nervous that I was shaking. Props to my mom and dad for being there to talk me through everything. I finally got ushered into the OR and sat down by Agatha, who was given her first numbing meds of the night: 3 spinal shots to numb her from the chest down. It was really terrifying- she felt nothing but pressure, and there were sounds of definite surgery-happenings. After 30 seconds, we heard our daughter cry.

I've never really been one to let things get to me, but as soon as they wiped her off and brought her over to us, I lost it. I started bawling. Of course, Agatha had to be stitched up, so I was in the nursery with our daughter, filling out the paperwork while crying.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I'm a father.

Ophelia Arlene, I hope I can prove to be the best father ever.