We all know that feeling of excitement and nostalgia when we see that a franchise we like is being continued. And when the developers get it right, you feel great. But sometimes the developers mess it up. Here are some examples of games that I wanted to like, but they just didn't make the mark. I have not finished any of these games.  EDIT: Sorry about the problems with the pictures, they should show up now.


Ace Attorney: Miles Edgeworth Investigations

I love the Ace Attorney series (just look at my avatar), but this one felt out of place for me. It's not just that your playing as a new character, that doesn't bother me, I liked Apollo Justice. I think that Capcom changed too many things this time around: it's in third person view, there aren't any courtroom battles, and the antagonist isn't very good. Despite all this it's still a good, funny game but it just didn't feel like part of the series for me so I have yet to finish it. I stopped playing around last year.


Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga was an amazing game with tight controls, a turn based yet active rpg style, and filled with witty writing. The newest game in the series, well, its premise struck me as odd and it didn't seem to get better. Also the writing seemed weaker. The controls seemed floaty this time through. Maybe I just hate change in video game series. This, and Partners in Time, just didn't seem to captivate me as Superstar Saga did.


Pokemon: Heart Gold

I loved Yellow and Gold on the Gameboy color, but nostalgia wasn't enough to keep me entertained the whole way through. I have started to dislike the Pokemon series since Pearl and Diamond. The way you control and move your trainer didn't feel precise enough for me and I had played through this adventure several times on the Gameboy color. Also, I think I'm getting too old for the same rock, paper, scissors formula. 


Any Crash Bandicoot game since Naughty Dog left

Believe me I've played most of these games and almost all of them are terrible.

Now I ask you, what are some sequels that you think fell short?