PR: Well, well, everybody, a week has passed, and you know what that means! As you may have noticed, this week's war will be hosted by yours truly, PRjumpman124 (you know, the interesting guy). We hope you have fun as we discuss some interesting subjects and poke fun at each other for our foolishness! Care to say anything to the public Stranger?

Stranger: I would like to welcome everyone to the madhouse that is our thoughts, come on in and enjoy the ride! BWHAAA HA HA. I mean...*ahem* I bid you welcome.

PR: On that note, let us begin! Now, as you may have seen from last week's issue, Stranger and I are looking forward to quite a few games this year. While none of them have been released, some interesting demos have been coming out that have piqued my interest. Case in point: Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Sadly, I haven't been able to play it yet (a problem I'll rectify as soon as possible) but I have managed to play the demo for FFXIII-2 and I'd just like to say that while the story concerns from the original game are still very much prevalent, the battle system is even more fun than before and some great new features (like the ability to fight with monsters at your side) really add to the depth of this game. Before I keep rambling, what are your thoughts on games this year so far clone?

Stranger: I still have a couple of demos I'm going to try in the next few days, particularly Kingdoms Of Amalur and Resident Evil, but judging by some of the high-profile titles already up, this year is shaping up to be another astounding year for gamers. Some of the games to catch my eye so far are Paper Mario 3DS, Mass Effect 3, Luigi's Mansion 2, Ni No Kuni, and there's even the possibility of a Smash Bros or GTA V for this year. Another thing wrought with possibility is we're getting Skyrim DLC this year. Any of these you'd like to tackle, clone?

PR: Why of course, I'd almost forgotten about the Resident Evil demo for 3DS. Aside from that, I'm looking forward to all those things you mentioned.. except for Smash Bros and GTA V. Read my lips clone. They will NOT come out this year.

PR: Anyways, seeing as how you mentioned Ni No Kuni, I'd like to pause and talk about that one for a second. Developed by Level 5 (makers of the oh so awesome Dragon Quest IX and Professor Layton series) with animation provided by Studio Ghibli, it is really shaping up to be a great rpg. Here's hoping it doesn't get ignored during release.

Stranger: I am actually facing some inner turmoil over wanting to buy a PS3 just for this game. If it's animated by Studio Ghibli you can already be assured it will have amazing visual design. The more I hear about it the more it piques my interest.

Starnger: And as for your adamant argument that those other two won't come out this year, I'm almost positive Smash Bros will be a launch title for the Wii U, and Nintendo most likely will not wait past this year's Christmas shopping season to release that.

PR: Finally, something we can fight about! Listen up clone, when talkiing about Wii U games last year at Nintendo's E3 conference, Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned that there would be a Super Smash Bros for both Wii U and 3DS that would be able to connect somehow. Obviously, this had everyone very excited, but the mastermind behind the Smash Bros. series, Masahiro Sakurai, later mentioned in an interview that he found the announcement worrisome, seeing as how he DID have some plans for a future SSB game, but noting that development hadn't even started yet. In fact, he said the team hadn't even been assembled! Anyways, as some people may recall, this is actually not that surprising, considering that something similar happened when the Wii was announced and Miyamoto mentioned making a Smash Bros. game for it, which took Sakurai completely by surprise as he later admitted.

Stranger: With the Wii U's architecture being so accomadating to the Wii's hardware and software however, it isn't too much of a stretch to say they could use the coding from Brawl and build their new game upon that. There was a fairly short gap between Oblivion and Fallout 3 as one example, when you already have the code needed preprogrammed it drastically reduces development time. Sure, the Wii U to 3DS prevents a new programming job to do, but I still think they could finish it in time for a holiday 2012 release with relative ease. And with Nintendo's financing, he'd have no problem getting his resources and team together extremely quickly. Thus, this is why I believe it WILL come out this year.

PR: Heh, you have no idea how ironic that statement is. See, Miyamoto privately pitched the idea that the Wii Smash Bros. game would be a remake of Super Smash Bros. Melee with reworked levels, at which point Sakurai stepped in and decided to take the reigns for a new original Smash Bros. game for Wii (the results of which was Super Smash Bros Brawl). I think it's safe to say that the next Smash Bros will be built from the ground up specifically for both Wii U and 3DS, and judging by how long it took for Sakurai to assemble Project Sora and make Kid Icarus, I'm quite frankly skeptical of them being so much as past the planning stage for the next Smash Bros. Oh, and the availability of resources was never in question, it's just that Nintendo and its developers march at the beat of their own drum, therefore they'll release a game if and when they feel it's ready, which I highly doubt is the case for the next Smash Bros.

Stranger: Ahh, but here's a flaw I see in your logic. Even if it's built from the ground-up (and I strongly doubt it, the engine of Brawl worked too well) I still don't believe it would take near as long as Kid Icarus. Smash Bros will most likely not make any fundamental changes as far as gameplay goes, so at the very least they know a majority of what they're going to do. On the other hand Kid Icarus is loosely based on a game released over 20 years ago and was completely unknown at first as to how it was going to work, so it seems to me that Kid Icarus would almost unequivocally take a longer development time. Nintendo knows as well as you and I the best time to release a game like this is at the dawn of a new console because it will sell at impressive ratios to the console itself, and I can't see Nintendo waiting much longer to push out a system that's currently equal in power to the ones on the market. Nintendo finally seems to be adopting a more western-gamer friendly philosophy, the 3DS is a testament to that with it's easier and more fluid internet play compared to the Wii.
Stranger: Although, to be fair Nintendo DID put out the 3DS in March, so there is a possibility they'll continue to shirk popular trend in the gaming market and come out with it early-to-mid 2013, but only time will tell.

PR: Well, we've both laid out our arguments, but for the sake of brevity (and our sanity) we'll leave it here. You readers can decide who's right and who's wrong. (hint: I'm right)
PR: Now, moving on, I'm sure many of you (if not all) have heard about SOPA and PIPA. Seeing as how there was an internet blackout this week in protest against it, we think it's a subject that should not be ignored. What are your thoughts Stranger?

Stranger: Alright, so I guess that leaves even MORE discussion for games this year for next time...
Stranger: But moving along, the ideals BEHIND SOPA aren't bad, but the wording and ambiguity of the bill is what is worrisome. This bill has the right to potentially shut down ANY site that hosts copyrighted material after a 48 hour warning.
Stranger: I won't pretend to be an expert on this law, but from the news about it so far it basically is one big loophole able to be exploited by large businesses.

PR: Yeah, the ideals behind it (fighting piracy) sound good on paper, but then again so does Communism. In any case, I'm no law student, but what those bills lay out sounds borderline criminal in that it practically gives the government free reign to to censor and control information. I'm glad that this whole thing has been shelved for now, but who knows what other crazy things they'll come up with in the future?
Stranger: It is nice to see so many people come together on the internet to fight this bill. Google and Wikipedia were among the largest sites to protest, millions of signatures on an online petition, and Anonymous even started up their own crusade (though the debate on what they do is for another time).
PR: Well, we've both stated our stances, so now it's time to move on to a different subject. This week's last subject is.... books! First off, I'd like to mention that although I'm very open minded and read many kinds of books, sooner or later you'll see me with a fantasy novel or something of the like passing the hours away while reading about otherworldly adventures. It's no surprise to say then that among my favorite series are: The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Wheel of Time, EarthSea series and many, many others. So clone, what about you?

Stranger: Well, I particuarly love Lord Of The Rings, The Chronicles Of Narnia, A Wrinkle In Time series, and the Inheritance cycle, though it's been a while since I read some of these! I also oddly enough love history books, imagining what it would have been like to live in certain times is simply astonishing.

PR: Is there anything in particular you're reading now you'd like to mention?

Stranger: Not unless you want to hear me go on about my 1960's textbook for school! I did start re-reading The Hobbit for a book discussion at the end of the month however.

PR: Well, right now I'm finishing up The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson and after that I'll read the latest A Song of Ice and Fire book, which I've really been looking forward to reading. Wait... did you mention The Hobbit??!! Such a great book, short and yet timeless and awesome.

Stranger: It does a really good job at laying the groundwork the Lord Of The Rings is on, and I might even reluctantly say I enjoyed it more because it wasn't so serious throughout the entire story. Tokien crafted some masterpieces I think have never been matched.

PR: Indeed he did.... now get to reading The Silmarillion! It gives you a MUCH deeper understanding of just how complex a world Tolkien weaved, not to mention it's a great story in itself.

Stranger: I shall when reading for my coursework lightens up some, between History and Spanish I have plenty in that department!

PR: Well Stranger, we've dallied long enough, time to make some shoutouts. This week I'd like to thank err.... you. If you hadn't pushed me off my lazy bottom, this week's issue would probably not exist, so thanks!

Stranger: Haha, I appreciate the thought, but it's basically like thanking yourself since I AM your clone! You can do better than that!
Stranger: I may as well go ahead and name a couple of people. Since Deadman is off limits since YOU already gave him the shoutout last week, my shout out would like to go to Mray901. Not only did he craft a thriving sub-community within GIO, he is also a prevalent-enough blogger to be among the elegant eleven featured on the homepage!
Stranger: And as for my other I would like to pick ThisFreakingGuy, his comments on pretty much every story posted on the site help lighten the mood with his wit.
PR: Well excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me princess. Didn't realize you wanted dibs sheesh. In all seriousness though, yes, they're both incredible members of this community we call GIO. Any last comments you'd like to say clone?

Stranger: I just merely want to thank the GIO community for being what it is, and making it such an enjoyable place to be.

PR: Likewise, thanks for reading this week's Clone Wars and be sure to leave your commments below. See you all next week folks!