Dragon Warrior taught me how to read.

I knew which spell was HEALMORE even though I couldn't read the words. Bonus points if it taught you the value of an unsigned 16 bit binary number (65535).

Streets of Rage 2 influenced how I dressed in high school.

There was a time when I wore white t shirts, jeans, and no gel in my hair thanks to Axel. It actually gave me a big boost in confidence to dress how I wanted instead of how I thought other people would want me to. I still have the shirts too.

Kings Quest 4 taught me the word "uvula".

Because this game depended on typing exact works I picked up some vocabulary. The hanging ball in the back of your mouth is called the uvula.

Rock Band 3 taught me to play some guitar.

Guitar Hero expert won me free monthly rentals for a year.

The Game Crazy (RIP) in town had a tournament every Saturday. I think I was the only guy there who actually owned the game at first release because I loved frequency and amplitude. I could play bark at the moon on expert, they were so impressed they gave me 12 free movie or game rentals from Hollywood video.

Oregon Trail taught me that cholera, typhoid, and dysentery were diseases.

Star Control 2 taught me newtons laws and some astronomy.

"Objects in motion tend to stay in motion" made so much sense after playing this game.

Red Baron taught me that his name was Manfred von Richthofen.

For a work training the presenter showed a picture of the Manfred von Richthofen and asked if anyone knew who he was. I raised my hand and said "The Red Baron". I could tell he and everyone else in the room was impressed and didn't think anyone would know that. So, he asked me how I knew. I said video games. I am not sure if anyone was impressed after that.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater taught me the names of skateboard tricks.

When I was younger I started skateboarding. I didn't know what a lipslide was until Tony Hawk 2. I used to call them alley oop boardslides since you were going over the rail with the opposite truck.

The first kiss I had with my wife was while we were playing Dead or Alive 4.

The second week of dating my future wife we were playing Dead or Alive 4 (a strange game to play with a girl, I know, but it's a fun two player fight game). I was kicking butt and winning every round so she decided on a new strategy of tickling me. I got fed up, pinned her down on the floor, and planted a kiss right on her lips. She said she knew after kissing me that she wanted to marry me. Seven years and two kids later I can say: Thanks Tecmo!