I love me some trophies and achievements. Here are my memorable ones that I have unlocked (Warning! May be spoilers):


Test of Faith - Mirrors Edge

How many games can you play where you don't kill a single enemy? Because there are so few it really made Mirrors Edge standout to me. I thought it was awesome that there was a trophy for it.  Yeah you can take them down physically or with an exploding barrel, but if you use a gun and shoot them directly you lose out on this.This is my favorite type of achievement, something that while optional, was really fun to try and made you feel accomplished when finished.

Dave Grohl Band - Rock Band 3

This made me laugh when I unlocked this one. The foo fighters are awesome, but also playing Them Crooked Vultures, and Queens of the Stone Age songs counts towards this. I think you have to buy some DLC songs in order to get this which is unfortunate, but very funny.

Foxiest of the Hounds - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

This achievement is a tribute to one of the greatest game series. For a lot of people playing Deus Ex: HR felt like playing Metal Gear Solid in first person, and I agree. I really enjoyed going full stealth on this game at the same time as going for Pacifist. Getting through the whole game without setting off alarms was a thrill. Bonus points if you used the vending machines to block doors in the moment where guards swarm you while waiting for an elevator.

They also have a trophy for not killing anyone (except the bosses) which I think is kinda lame that you still had to kill bosses.

Hang Glider - Shadow of the Colossus HD

I never knew this was possible when I first played the PS2 version. You can grab onto the hawks that fly around? Yes, you can. So awesome to do this and hang on as it flaps around. There is a similar one with fish. Thanks to the trophies for this game I did tons of stuff that I probably wouldn't have done and got to experience even more of the amazing Shadow of the Colossus.

Limit Breaker - Final Fantasy XIII

I know FF13 isn't popular among the internet comments sections but I loved it. It was the first game I got a platinum trophy for. This one stands out for me because dealing over 100k damage in one attack was a very memorable experience for me. I felt so tough once I finally did it, I really felt accomplished. I used Vanille's Eidolon the first time I got it, but then I discovered you could use Fang (with a genji glove) and her special attack that takes 6 ATB and if the creature is staggered and debuffed and you could do it.

Never Tell me the Odds - Halo CE Anniversary

Getting to experience the original Halo, one of my top 10 games, with achievements, and HD graphics was one of the my favorite experiences in gaming. I know HD remakes aren't the most popular games but when they are the game you have very fond memories of and they only improve it in pretty much every way it is a thing to behold. This level was the one I replayed the most. The Maw was cinematic, open feeling and closed at the same time. Driving the warthog through the pillar of autumn while it's exploding around you was amazing 10 years ago, and even better when you get an achievement popping up as you make it to the longsword ship.

Portal 2

I'm just going to state that most of the trophies/achievements in Portal 2 are awesome and that game deserves to be played. Pit Boss and Smash TV were the standouts for me. I jumped in the pit just to see what Wheatley would say and to be rewarded for it was awesome. Smash TV I looked up once I had finished the game and the dialog during that sequence is hilarious.

"You know, there are test subjects in Africa who don't even have monitors in their test chambers. Why don't you think of that before you break any more of them?"

Problem Solved, Series Over - Metal Gear Solid 3

The Metal Gear Solid HD collection has some great trophies too. So many funny ones for doing funny things like sending pictures of the marine with no pants to Otacon. This one still takes the cake though. In Metal Gear Solid 3 shoot Ocelot in the head when you knock him unconsious. The series would be over. I don't think many prequels have a trophy like this. So awesome.


I'm sure I missed some but these are what popped into my head when thinking about it. I never unlocked the steel bladder award so that's why I didn't include that one.

What about you? What are your favorite trophies/achievements?