I'm a video game connoisseur. I love games and I like to play and talk about games all the time. I even listen to video game music pretty much all the time. I'm pretty good about recognizing game soundtracks from games that I've played. It doesn't seem to happen as often with recent games as the older generations due to soundtracks being more ambient. I'm also not very good at remembering composers or having a favorite, but I do have favorite game soundtracks. Secret of Mana, Battletoads, Final Fantasy 7, Skyrim, Zelda. They all have great music.

I love youtube because of all the video game music and cover artists that release videos on it. It's funny how powerful of a feeling and nostalgia that listening to the songs can bring forth. Sometimes just seeing a screenshot can do it, but the music always makes it more intense.

Here are the ones I follow/subscribe to:


This guy is awesome in that he just uploads the songs from the games themselves. He usually leaves a nice comment about it so you can hear his take on why he chose it. He's been keeping this list going for a long time. Although I'm not a fan of every song on the list, I narrowed down my own choices and it was still more than a single list could hold.


This guy releases a video game cover every Tuesday. He really puts a lot of work into the sounds of his guitars and the quality of his videos. I like that he's in his room with all his posters and wears cool t-shirts and rocks out to video game music. He's hit a lot of the top soundtracks out there already and seems to improve each week. He even links to free mp3 or wav files for you.

Smooth Mcgroove

This guy is becoming an internet phenomenon and has been covered a few times here at GameInformer.com. I also like the simplicity of his videos. He usually has game footage in the center and videos of him recording himself singing all the parts. The best part is he covers pretty much all the songs I listen to on a regular basis or would cover myself if I were the type to do that.

Super Guitar Bros.

These guys also cover a lot of the greats and hit the right nostalgia notes. Sometimes the simple acoustic sound is better and allows for easier listening.

Taylor Davis

Although not quite as popular or well known as Lindsey Stirling I enjoy her videos much more. Lindsey tends to annoy me with her dancing antics rather than entertain. I like the clarity of Taylor's violin and the simplistic videos. She has started taking a turn for more serious endeavors and also movie soundtracks but her game music is still quite enjoyable.


Does anyone else out there love video game music as much as I do?