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Since I did a blog about the Wii U I have felt like doing it for other consoles too. Several of my cons have been fixed or addressed in later models but I still feel it important to bring them up.



The Xbox 360 has a reputation as a shooters/boy’s club type of console but the library is really diverse. The original Xbox only had a handful of really great games. Notable games for me are: Halo, Tales of Vesperia, Mass Effect, Oblivion, Amped 3.


Microsoft really was smart to build in Achievements. I think Achievements have changed gaming for the better. I’m a big fan and love the idea of seeing your completion of games. Like all things in life it can be taken to extremes.

Backwards Compatibility

This doesn’t matter as much this late in the console generation but when making the transition to a new console I think this helps sell it. Being able to play Halo 2 was a huge win for the Xbox 360 in my book.

Xbox Live

Xbox live was introduced late into the life of the original Xbox but the 360 was built with it in mind. For me and my group of friends we had all graduated from high school and moved apart. Being able to still play Halo together still allowed us to have our gaming group going. It also bruised our fragile egos when we discovered how there are other people who are better than us in the world.

Downloadable Demos

Being able to download demos of games to try them out I think really helps sales more than hurts them.

Downloadable Games

Castlevania Symphony of the Night was the first downloadable game I purchased from the XBLA. I loved that the game had achievements and was installed on my system and tied to my account. It was great to play through it again and the price was nice. I’m still not 100 % sold on digital only though.

Ability to install games

This didn’t come originally built in but it sure helped me keep some of my cracked disc games working.

Play music from Hard Drive during gameplay

I know this feature isn’t used that much but being able to rip music to the hard drive was really awesome for me at first. Being able to have your favorite band be the soundtrack to my Halo match or Dead or Alive 4 battle was amazing to have. Nowadays I don’t really do that anymore, but at the time it was awesome.


Red Ring of Death

If you still have an original Xbox 360 that works and hasn’t been fixed for the Red Ring of Death, I will be very impressed. My 360 had three of them, two fixed by Microsoft, and one by me. I cracked open the box, removed the xclamps, put new thermal paste and screwed the heat sinks to the CPU and GPU and gave it some more life. I was gifted a new slim model and gave away my old one. Last I heard it was having some issues but still working 3 years after my fix.

Cost of Xbox Live Gold

$60 a year. I know the common response is that it doesn’t cost that much and that the service is worth it. I still think it’s annoying to pay in order to play with friends or watch Netflix. Yes, PS4 and Xbox One both require pay walls too. I probably won’t be playing online multiplayer then. I didn’t use Xbox Live Gold enough to justify the purchase anymore, even when I got them for $35 from Amazon.

Models made without Hard Drives built in

For $100 you could get one. I still don’t understand the reasons behind not including a Hard Drive. The original Xbox had one and it was great to have. Without a hard drive there was barely any memory. Now there are screens that popup for every game where the user needs to choose the storage device.

Wireless controllers need batteries

For $20 you can get a play and charge kit. Otherwise you will be going through AA batteries if you don’t have a wired controller.

No Built in Wifi in original model

For $100 you could get a WiFi adapter but the original Xbox 360 models didn’t have built in WiFi capabilities.

Cracked Discs

I’m curious to know if this was a common occurrence for other people too. I had three games crack (Amped 3, Halo 3, and the Orange Box). Thanks to the install feature I was able to install orange box and keep it working.

Cost of Digital Games

I think this is a problem for all of the consoles. The prices for the digital games always seem like a bad deal. I can usually get a physical copy for cheaper than the prices they have. If they really want me to go all digital the prices need to be better. I know there are sales sometimes but it’s usually not enough (not even close to steam sales). I would love to see a console humble bundle type sale.