Well, about a month ago, I came up with an idea that on December 12, the first anniversary of when I made my web site, two of my friends, one of which you may know around here as DragonZProductions,  and myself celebrate by getting together and streaming live video gaming and anything else we have to do. Well, they took a liking to it, and we plan to attempt to go through with it.

We've come across somewhat of a hitch since DragonZProductions is taking the SAT on the same day, but I think this is the plan we will go with, especially if I take the SAT as well. He has come up with the idea that we leave, pick up our other friend that is for certain NOT taking the SAT that day, and go back to his house and stream. Also, he's added the thought that we should make this thing go for a full 24 hours, which sounds good, but I am yet to even pitch the idea to my parents, let alone the 24 hours.

So, some of you are probably wondering why I am talking about this here. Some of you may have labeled me as a pathetic advertiser and may attempt to pathetically troll and flame me, which I am telling you is the most idiotic thing you can do because I don't care, so you'll just look like the lifeless scum of the Earth. Finally, some of you may be wanting to know more.

Well, as for more info, there are two places you can go, one is obviously the site we're celebrating, the other is my Ustream account, which we will do the streaming though, http://www.ustream.tv/mybroadcasts/1405220.

Now, what I want you guys to do is tell me what you think about this plan. For example:

  • Do you think this is a good idea?
  • Should we attempt to go for 24 hours?
  • Would you attend if we did this?
  • Or anything else you want to say about it.

Well, thank you guys for bothering to read this poor excuse of a blog post (I'm harsh on myself, as you can tell), have a good life, and hope you'll bother to read my future blogs.