Greetings, everybody. You may know me or you may not, but I'm making this blog to basically be my biography. That may cause you to ask, "Why didn't you just put this under your bio, idiot?" Well, I'm doing this for a blog to allow more interaction with it.
Ahead of time, forgive me for any mislinking or screw ups, I'm fairly new to this stuff. Also, forgive me if I post late or suddenly stop talking if we're in a conversation because ninety percent of the time, my computer works about as much as humans jumping off buildings and flying by flapping their arms.

Alright, as you should know by reading the title and everything, my name is Pokemon-Nerd, and that is what I go by pretty much everywhere here on the internet. Why? Simply because I am a nerd of the pokemon games. However, to me, the show is stupid and gay, and the cards are useless.

I live in South Carolina, which is okay overall. Nothing too bad except for a terrible governor, nothing too good or special. The main thing I hate about it is all the stereotypes against those that live in the south. Well, I barely ever act like a hillbilly or any of the other stereotypes, but they'll be looked upon me throughout my life and probably when I go to enter college, unfortunately. The best part is that the lowest temperatures  recall ever having down here is maybe 20 degrees at the height of winter in January, but the only snow I've ever seen was two or three occasions of a very thin blanket, nothing much at all. However, since most people aren't used to snow and couldn't drive in it well at all, it was enough to close school.

As for sports or hobbies, I have none. I'm a nerd, what did you expect? The only ones you could really consider are video games, books, editing my site, Pokemon, video games, and, um, food? Yeah, I'm inactive, sue me.

In the world of video games, I'm really into RPGs, and Driving games were a favorite since childhood.  My top four favorite games are:

  1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii, as we all know)
  2. The Lord of the Rings, The Third Age (PS2)
  3. Pokemon Platinum (DS, obviously)
  4. Guitar Hero: Metallica (I have PS2, but I prefer the 360)

Why four? I can't think of a clear winner for #5. Anyways, I only have a PS2, PSP, DS, and Wii, but I hope to get a 360 soon. I don't play games on my computer because, as I previously stated, it is crap. As for battling you in anything, it will not happen for a while, if ever, because my internet is terrible, which leads to my Wi-fi and whatever you call it on the PSP to be horrible as well.

In the world of literature, I really prefer fantasy, but I can read most things. My favorite book is the original The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. Don't any dopes come in here and tell me that it is three books because you are wrong. Tolkien originally wrote them as one book comprised into six different sections, but his publisher simply put it into a trilogy to save cost. Some notables that I have read recently are A Time to Kill by John Grisham and The Last Apprentice series by Joseph Delaney, which I like, but is far below my reading level. Also, I'm currently taking a break from what is my hardest read ever, The Silmarillion by J.R.R. and Christopher Tolkien (Christopher finished and edited it after his father died before finishing). It deals with the creation of Middle Earth and is interesting, but is EXTREMELY dry and difficult for me to read.

In the world of sports I only follow the NFL, but I do participate in some March Madness tournaments. I live in SC, but I hate the Panthers, especially with their atrocious season so far. I'm a big fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, largely due to my uncle that lives near there.

To be more detailed with the type of music I like, I can really listen to anything, but I don't like pop, rap, country, or all that stuff much at all. Most of what I listen to is anything Metallica or 80's metal. Also, I like System of a Down a lot too, and it's a shame they split up. Serj is a great vocalist, but I hate him for splitting SoaD up to pursue a solo career. Metallica, which is my favorite band, is still together, fortunately. However, I wish James still had his Master of Puppets voice, and Cliff Burton was and still is the best bassist ever, to me. That's basically it, not much else I know to say here.

If you're interested, there's a lot of other places you can find me, mainly my web site, though. Here's the ones I go to regularly and the usernames I have:

  • GameFAQs- NerdGoneNormal (Lamest. Name. Ever. I know) and Pokemon_Nerd13
  • YouTube- PokemonNerd13
  • Ustream- Pokemon-Nerd
  • Smogon University and its Shoddy Battle Server- pokemon-nerd (rarely go here anymore)
  • ...And finally, me and my friends web site, which I'm not listing the URLs so I don't look like a pathetic advertiser.

Finally, my updated thought that stated that for most of my reviews, I couldn't find the game to post the review for. Well, you see, I don't review new games too often, and that is probably the problem. I mainly review games for one of my friend's web sites to help it out, and most of the games are older ones. Also, I have 5 reviews planned to help GameFAQs project completion status, but I may occasionally review a game that happens to be here.

*insert good sounding ending-word-thingy here*,