GIO Community!

With 13 days until Extra Life, here is another update on the work Team GIO has done. It's getting down to the final stretch of our campaign, so let's start getting excited!

Team GIO now has 29 participants and has raised $5358.99 of our $15,000 goal. Everyone has been doing such a great job fundraising. We are on pace to reach our goal, with a bulk of our donations to be received during the Game Informer Extra Life livestream. But we still need more members to participate! We are far short of the 81 people we had playing and raising money last year, so please recruit some more people in the GIO community. The more members we get, the more money we raise, and the more kids we can save!

The Team GIO prize blog just keeps getting bigger. The prizes were donated by GIO community members, Double Fine, Irrational Games, and DrinkBox Studios among others. It's separated into Raffle Prizes and Livestream Prizes. Team GIO members are able to win the raffle prizes through earning raffle tickets for the money you raise. And anyone watching the stream is able to win the livestream prizes. I will continue to update this blog as I receive more donations. If you would like to donate a prize towards the team, please contact me via my info below. 

Lastly, the Game Informer Extra Life Livestream is happening on November 2nd, from 9 AM to 9 AM, a full 25 hours (because of DST). So far Tim Turi, Ben Reeves, Kim Wallace, and Jason Oestreicher are confirmed for the stream. We are all pretty excited to be hosting this event for the community. Visit Tim Turi's recent feature for all the information you need about Game Informer's Extra Life campaign and the Game Informer livestream. If you plan on watching the stream and want to help with Team GIO's efforts, but are unable to fundraise yourself, the GIO Livestream has its own Extra Life account you can donate directly to!

Thank you to all the people working hard for Extra Life and Game Informer's campaign. Let's keep making strides these last 2 weeks! Play Games, Heal Kids!


Any questions or concerns feel free to contact me via my info below!


Twitter:  @PliggeTheFallen

GIO:  Zachary Pligge / PliggeTheFallen