Team GIO Update #2

GIO Community!


With less than 90 days until the Nov. 2nd Extra Life marathon, I wanted to get out another update on Team GIO’s activity. As of Aug. 11th, we are now up to 22 participants/members registered! I’m looking for Team GIO to surpass 100 members by marathon day, so please think about joining the team. And current members keep recruiting hard! Remember, the earlier you register the more time you have to raise money and plan out your marathon.


Team GIO has raised $2264.33 out of the $15,000 goal amount, with 3 of the 22 members raising over $500 each! We are currently sitting as the 11th ranked team on Extra Life in terms of donations. This is not a bad way to start during the lull summer months. Now that fall is rolling around the corner, that’s when the fundraising needs to start picking up if we want to reach our goal! I’m hoping Team GIO will be one of the top ranked teams.

I’m currently working on a separate blog with the raffle rules and raffle prizes. The more money you raise for Team GIO, the more raffles tickets you earn to put towards winning various prizes. If anyone would like to donate a prize to the raffle, please contact me with the information. I am also currently talking to a few developers to see if they will donate to the cause. This is a great incentive for members to fundraise as much as they can. We had a great prize pool last year, and I’m hoping to expand it even more.


On a final note, it looks like there will once again be a GI livestream for Extra Life! A few of the editors, along with me, will be streaming the entire 24 hour marathon on Nov. 2nd starting at 8 AM. I am creating a separate prize pool (of my own purchases) to give away during the 24 hour stream to the viewers and people who donate towards Team GIO through any of the livestream participants. 


Recap: 22 members, $2000+, awesome prizes, livestream, raise more money for the kids! And be on the lookout for the prize blog coming soon.

Special thanks to GIO Member TurdFugy for the logo this update! His design can be found in shirt form on the GI Spreadshirt website. Make sure to pick one up:

Any questions, feel free to contact me. My info is located below, along with some other cool links with great information.  Keep working hard!


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