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Rockstar finally confirmed that Grand Theft Auto V will be launching in Spring 2013, with pre-orders starting November 5th.

Have you watched the second Grand Theft Auto V trailer yet?This is a must see video, just to understand Rockstars humor!

,As part of an update to the screenshot section of the official GTAV website, Rockstar released a new screenshot featuring Trevor.  From the opening shot it immediately disproved some of the more unlikely theories — The truth was the best news possible

Hidden secrets in the 2nd GTA V trailer!

An additional screenshot, that was previously featured in a magazine preview, was also released in digital form.

Rockstar also released various downloadable versions of previously released  and noted that the game's official cover (front of box art) will be released later this month.


First of all, the trailer’s music Skeletons by Stevie Wonder. The song’s about the one of the game’s protagonists hides from the people in his life.

He’s the old guy, a retired criminal whose just can’t seem to get away from a life of crime. Formerly a bank robber,

After giving us a small view of the city, we get a glimpse at one of San Andreas’ seedier parts as a balding guy in his 40s, Trevor, starts some trouble at a dive bar.  Trevor tosses a molotov cocktail and sets a rundown old house on fire, walking towards the camera .

He doesn’t look back, because cool guys don’t look at explosions.

The view shifts back to Michael,the game’s third protagonist, who’s sitting on a park bench when a couple of dudes walk up to him

He points them over to a house and then a chase ensues—presumably driven by Franklin, who also finds himself arguing with his girlfriend who says she doesn’t care how many cars he owns

He also argues with a friend about how he’s not interested in living the thug life by throwing up gang signs and ***.

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