In November 2011, there came Skyrim. Once again, Bethesda found a way to make one of the most fantastic series in gaming even more fantastic. The graphics are ridiculously beautiful, the combat and leveling systems have been finely tuned, there's almost a limitless amount of things to do... And now there are DRAGONS. Quite simply, Bethesda stepped there game up in almost every way possible. That's no surprise, of course. They've developed a reputation over the years of vastly improving the player's experience with every single installment of the Elder Scrolls series.

The key word here is 'improving'. Regardless of the skill of the developer, a game the size of Skyrim is inevitably going to have a variety of minor issues. This blog aims to take a critical look at Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls as a whole to identify some of those issues, and then try to provide some thoughts as to how they might be addressed going forward.

First up: The Open World