NEW UPDATE: Does anybody still want the PlayStation Server? I had no support in the later weeks last time which made me discontinue my server subscription. Do you guys still want the server? Also, is anybody willing to lease the server instead? If interested, let me know!



UPDATE: OUT OF VIP PASSES! I do have spots for server admins though to get more on the list. Even though I trust you all a lot, I don't want to give server admin position to any random person for the fact I have unranked settings which not everyone might enjoy (God Mode and Realism). Also, the server is empty as of this writing with one person in it! So I doubt you will need the VIP Pass for now. :)



Hey everybody! I know, I have been slacking on my duties for my blog series. I haven't had the time to play games because I have state tests coming up and AP tests shortly after so all my teachers are in crazy mode.


As to the topic, I was thinking of renting a PlayStation 3 server for us GI Community Players. Currently though, they do not have servers available for purchase via the PlayStation Network as of the last announcement. So my reason on posting this blog is seeing who is interested (so I don't purchase it for no reason), what rules there might be, and to work out the specifics of who would be the other server admins in the event I am not there to fix it. Anyways, I am currently going to play the next game for my follow up blog. Every game deserves A Second Look!


Server Details:

-Server currently active until 4/22/2012

-Currently Conquest only. Can change based on user opinions.

-GI Users will get VIP access to the servers. This means you get priority to entering if the server is full. To get it, please post your PSN ID (one VIP pass per a user).

-Server Admins will be added

-Server region is South US

-Server is currently on Normal settings

-This is a ranked server

-Server Name: Gameinformer Community

-More details to be added if needed.



Lotta di Amici Uniti,