Is it just me or does it seem like everybody in the video game industry fell like facebook and videogames cant go together. I dont even see why that is. They all say that soon every game will be on some mobile phone or app. They all say that every game will be on some social networking site. There even saying that every game will be free to play at some point in time. What im saying is that yes this will happen but not in the way everybody thinks.

     Im saying that every game will be on the pc or console. Im saying that everygame will be on some hardcore gaming device. Dont get me wrong I am definitly not saying that smartphones arent going to exist and that social networkings sites are going to get old. No im saying that all of these things are going to co-exist.

     If facebook and games combined there power gaming would rule. Think about knowing what your freinds are playing where ever and when ever think about watching and editing video clips of your recent games on your smartphone think about reading the story line of your favorite game on your e-reader if this could happen I would be perfectly happy

     Recently at the call of duty xp event the team at infinity ward went over the features for there call of duty elite service. This to me is the first example of games and facebook and even smartphones co-existing. with all your facebook freinds in the game you can do so many things. with the ability to watch recent matches on your smartphone and change your loadout you arent forced to change to your liking in just one minute it is incredible the amount of possibilities you can have to stay with the game while not playing the game.

     I hope to see these kinds of features in alot of games in the near future.


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