O where to start! From what I have seen so far I have to say the wii is getting the best games of the summer!!  Here's what we have:

It all starts with:

Super Mario Galaxy 2 sd 5/23: I have known this game was going to be epic when Nintendo premiered it @ E3. This game has yoshi, rock mushroom, and a deill top? Plus the yoshi shoot Banzai Bills!! This is a must have

Arc Rise Fantasia?: 6/17: From what I have seen this game looks great. If it's similar to the Tales series, yes it will be awesome (at least for me), Full on Term base it will be awesome (just not for me)

Metroid Other M sd 6/27: As soon as Gameinformer reported that this wasn't an FPS (THANK GOD!!!), that it's a direct sequel to super Metroid on the NES (HELL YES) plus a great story makes it an amazing game.

Now for the only title worthy of the psp coming out

KINGDOM HEARTS BIRTH BY SLEEP!!: I have been waiting for this forever!!!!

Now for those who don't like RPGS like I do there is:

Red Dead Redemption sd 5/18: This is the most anticipated game and more. Western awesomeness plus a great story yes!

Modnation Racers sd 5/25: Mario kart plus LBP community will make this game (as well as LBP) a never ending game of flooding, offroading, and bombing! Plus Kratos and his cart of chaos

Deadrising 2 sd 8/31: ZOMBIES ZOMBIES ZOMBIES!!!! (lol) In all seriousness though this game is AMAZING creating your own weapons to kill zombies!

Mafia 2 sd 8/24: The best Mobbing game ever!!! Great story and gameplay make godfather 2 cry

Have I missed anything? what are you guys looking forward to in the summer?