This is basically me for the last two weeks.

I was all set to post a blog before POKEMONTH officially came to an end and the kids got "THE GUNK." This is the nasty, viral thing that makes your head into an echoing hallway and your whole body becomes a random furnace/icebox with aches, pains and sneezing that makes Spring Fever sound like child's play.  So of course, as soon as the kids got better, I got it in full force.

SO.  I ended up not being in a good place to write at all, mostly because higher thinking is hard to access through a wall of green slime that is reminiscent of Ghostbusters.

I have, however been posting and reblogging fun Pokemon stuff on my Pokemon Y Tumblr at so if you like that sort of thing, please be sure to join in!

A couple of things:  I finally beat the game as well as the "post game" Looker story.

And as things wrap up and come to an end, I find myself feeling a bit weary about the whole metagame thing.  What's that, you ask?  

The metagame portion of Pokemon is the part that involves breeding/trading/fighting with other people online.  While I think it's cool that these features have been expanded and updated, I don't find a lot of enjoyment in these features in and of themselves.  There are a couple other things that I could do in the game, such as completing the Pokedex and ferreting out all the mega evolution stones and stuff, but I don't really personally feel like doing that because I don't really feel like there's much of a point.  Sure, there are people around the world who are fighting via the internet, but I'm not really huge into that stuff, and just power leveling or looking for shinies or breeding incessantly stops feeling like fun and starts feeling like WORK.

So I'm going to take a break from Pokemon Y for awhile, and look back fondly at my gaming experience.

Additionally, I've been mulling around things in my head that I feel could improve the Pokemon games for next time, including ways to increase the size of the game and unlock various stuff.

1) Mega Evolution needs to have something more to it than having your Pokemon hold a stone in battle.  Sure, the physical characteristics of your Pokemon change, and some of the status effects are altered, but I think that Mega Evolution should have its own moves tied to it (like a fifth, mega move that can only be used once per battle or a completely different move-set that can only be altered while in mega evolution mode).

2) I think you should be able to visit regions from previous games- and at least the regions from the previous generation.  I think that would be amazing.  It could even be a bonus download or an extra expansion pack- I just think that would be pretty fun and it would give us more to do in the world.

3) Difficulty settings- you should be able to have a "hard" setting, with more and more trainers that you can fight, or trainers who use more sophisticated tactics in battles.  It would be nice to have some bonus levels where you can fight and level up your Pokemon more easily than just running around on Victory Road and grinding to level up Pokemon so they'll evolve to help fill the Pokedex.

4) Weird Pokemon Evolution Requirements are annoying and should go away unless they are explained in-game.  The squid Pokemon only evolves if you hold the game down when it levels up.  You can't get the Goodra to evolve unless you level up while it's raining.  ETC.  I know these were in an attempt to make the game more realistic, but it's important to at least give a hint about how to get these things to happen and not basically force people to use game guides (I pretty much dislike using them on principle, and consider being FORCED to use one in order to complete the game bad form on the designers).

5) Expand Pokemon Amie- I LOVED the idea of having a more complex relationship with your Pokemon in the game.  The added animations and text helped me to feel like I really was forging a partnership with my Pokemon.  I also feel like after the first couple of times, the feeding/3 mini games were boring and repetitive, and it was kind of annoying.  Let the decisions you make in the game also affect how you bond with your Pokemon.  For example, if you beat an opponent with your Pokemon, it makes them happier than using the EXP share alone.  Or if you beat a Gym Leader with a team, that increases their love for you.  ETC. Considering that respect and love for your Pokemon partners is a huge part of the Pokemon world, it would be interesting to me to see that level of awesomeness.

6) Pokemon Daycare should be disbanded.  I am not much of a breeder, myself, but I think it's a bit ridiculous that you can only breed two Pokemon at a time.  I think that there should be a Pokemon Breeding Center and you should be able to access a certain amount of "breeding rooms" as you progress in the game/get enough money to buy more as needed.  This way, you can breed for eggs more efficiently without having the arbitrary wait time before being told that they "just don't know how" an egg magically appeared.

7) More than one ending, and being able to replay the game but have all levels of Pokemon reset- You'd still be able to replay and keep all the Pokemon you had caught in previous playthroughs, but they'd all be reset down to Level 1 or whatever, and you'll have to reset your starter from the Level 5 or whatnot that it begins at.  Multiple endings would show that your choices really do have effects on the storyline and encourage you to keep playing.

8) Trainers' Pokemon should automatically be closer to what your levels are when you fight them- I am certain this is possible to program.  Who else has accidentally stumbled upon a part of the game where you had to fight against someone ridiculously lower in levels than you were at the time?  The only thing I can think of as someone throws their Level 2 Caterpie at me is that this isn't even worth the experience I'm going to get for making it faint.   Such a program would also be able to set the levels at a lower end cap based on the location (so the generally Level 40 areas would be around Level 40 unless your Pokemon were at a much higher level, in which case, the levels would increase to match your highest level Pokemon).

9) Bring back rematches with NPCs!  I think that it would be awesome to go back and talk to people from before and fight against them, especially if their Pokemon are higher level and maybe even evolved!

10) I love Wondertrade because it's just kind of random and awesome, but could it be possible to request the Pokemon you're looking for?


As for my next game, I've still got quite a bit of my SRPG crossover game to finish playing and then I have Legend of Zelda: Link to Another World to look forward to *squeeeeeeeeee*! 

Pokemonth was fun and I wish I could have written more blogs for it, but que-sera-sera.  The bottom line is that I'm glad that I was able to share my fun with you and that I got to enjoy the new and exciting Pokemon world of X and Y!

And who knows, perhaps I'll have the gumption to erase my game and start all over again in the land of Kalos.


How far are you in your X or Y adventure?

Do you have any pet peeves with the game so far?

And finally, if you could have a Pokemon in real life, which one would it be?

See you all later!