One might say a backlog is a blessing, not a curse.

For sure, there are some nasty things that could be much, much worse,

But backlog is a problem, as the pile slowly grows,

Until the day you stand next to it and it reaches to your nose.

Sometimes it's somewhat sneaky, hiding inside apps on phones.

Other times it hides inside your cabinet all alone.

Still in other situations, it piles in a mess

But where a specific title lies, one can only guess.

Hunt for that single title and guiltiness abounds

For some are still sealed up like new as you make your rounds.

To be quite fair, I must admit, it's nice to have them here,

But sometimes I wonder if it's possible to play them all, I fear.

So to my backlog, I must say, I love you and please stay.

But, oh, I heard that something new is coming out today.


I know I've been spotty in my posting, and due to exhaustion, working pretty much 24/7 (I work all day and then come home to be a parent and that is exhausting).  


How DOES Superman shave, anyway?  Kryptonite razor?

* I saw the Superman movie.  It was good, but there were too many explosions.  How did I know there were too many explosions?  When I started getting bored every time an explosion happened.  Seriously. It's hard to make explosions boring, so you know that there are too many of them when you start to yawn and fiddle with 3DS.  Superman is adorable and more human than the humans, which makes me weep for humanity.  Seriously, when did we all become such sociopathic-bastards?  I almost want to side with Zod, only Zod is an even bigger sociopathic-***, so at this point, perhaps the collective bastardness of all the people could just collide and cancel itself out and the rest of us could have a party or something. It's a thought, anyway.

They called it "Into Darkness" to be ironic.

*I also saw the Star Trek: Into Darkness movie.  It is a good film, especially if you play a little game called "spot the lens flare."  Whoever gets the most lens flares wins.  While I like a lot of the references (TRIBBLES!!!!!!), I admit that I'm a bit bored at the amount of fangirling that is going on around Benedict Cumberbatch or Crumpetpatch or whatever his name is.  He's basically Alan Rickman for the 2000's.  There, you're welcome.  Besides, no Trek movie would be complete without KHAAAAAAAAAAANNN!

Both of these movies were made possible by awesome people watching the kids so my husband and I could actually go out and watch a movie and not have to share the popcorn with small, whiny people who think that hands are made for sneezing all over and then eating with. 



*I came home from work after a particularly bad day (including a paper cut nightmare), to THIS:


Sure, I could always save up and buy one for myself, but it was such a feeling of incredible elation to know that he was thinking of me and my desire to play hardcore strategy games. Can you say best husband ever?  Best husband ever!

*It is summer.  I know it is summer in California because people tend to go swimming a lot.  But because I live near the ocean, it is paradoxically cool and foggy a lot here.  In fact, it is often so foggy and cool in the summers that people get actively peeved about how it's too cool to wear a swimsuit at the beach without getting goosebumps. 

Summer is also time for going on adventures and camping is an adventure in and of itself.  We brought the kids (4 and 8 months) up to 7000 feet in the Sierras and decided to camp near Huntington Lake.  It was gorgeous, enjoyable and a bit hard to breathe.  But that was all cancelled out by HOT SPRINGS, rivers and s'mores.  After all, what can compare to sticky sugar napalm combined with graham crackers and chocolate?

*I admit it.  I've been watching Attack on Titan and I really, really like it for some disturbing reason.  Probably because it is disturbingly AWESOME.

Hello Streetpass!

*There have been new additions to the 3DS Mii Plaza app.  You can purchase a couple of new Streetpass games, including a haunted house/puzzle game, a side scrolling shooter game, a flower arranging/growing game and a warlord world conquest game.  All are pretty fun and you can get them bundled for $14.95 or buy each separately for $4.95.  Nintendo is devious- making download only titles easy to buy and giving special discounts.

*I went to see Neil Gaiman do a reading and book signing at the beginning of this month.  It was pretty awesome, and I highly recommend reading his new book "The Ocean At The End of the Lane."  It's got something for everyone, even if you're not a "book person."

*Comicon- I want to go, but I'm kinda glad I didn't go because I would be totally broke and probably have sold a kidney to afford some of the stuff they have over there.  So on second thought, it sounds good to just talk about Comicon and stay over here with my money going towards things like rent and food and all that good stuff.

*Disgaea D2 is going to be coming out later on this year, and NIS is already putting together special collectors' editions.  Oh, whoops, started drooling there.  SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS GAME!  I entered one of their contests to name items and didn't win, but oh well.  I'll post them here anyway.

When it comes to Disgaea, the best part about the weapons are the descriptions of the weapons.

This is me being terrible at selfies.

*Finally, I got an awesome T-shirt from TeeFury in the style of Legend of Zelda.  I also picked one up for my husband in a different color, and both of us love the fit, material and style! :D


So there you have it- some smatterings of what I've been doing, game-wise and beyond.  

How about you? How is your summer?  What games are you looking forward to?  What games are you playing?  

And what is YOUR backlog like?

Here's hoping to hear from you soon!