Did someone say "Squee?!"

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that I always love a good deal.  Be it a bonus item to a special edition at a great price, I'm always looking for a great reason to spend less for more.  But something that I've also noticed is that I am more likely to be loyal to a place where I might spend a bit more money if there is a chance to get something awesome as an extra!  Game Stop is pretty awesome for offering rewards programs, but did you know that you can actually win double the points if you're buying certain items?  That's right!  Not only will you get a bunch of "power up rewards" but you can also get "coins" at "Club Nintendo."

My first foray into "Club Nintendo" was back a couple of years when Nintendo was offering a special feather stylus to those who bought Phantom Hourglass.  You just had to buy the game new, register the game on the website, and they'd send the item to you in the mail.

Needless to say, the result was EPIC WIN.

After that, there were some changes to the site. Instead of offering a reward for free if you bought a certain game, they pooled the points you got for registering items into "Club Nintendo" and offered "coins" that could be redeemed for pretty awesome (and rare) prizes you couldn't get anywhere else.  Of course, after buying my recent 3DS, I couldn't help but register it online at Club Nintendo, and guess what they gave me for registering?

That's right: an extra 90 days of warrenty coverage for my 3DS!

Of course, this includes other systems as well, which is why it is so cool.  Nintendo is well known for being a bunch of soulless jerks who want to steal your childhood and your money, but in some ways, they're a lot better than some other companies.  For example, when I registered my 3DS, Skyward Sword and Ocarina of Time 3D, I received a couple hundred coins.  They also gave me a bunch of survey options so that I could get a couple of coins to add to my total (mostly asking me about their various products/games and giving feedback).  So now, guess what I ordered?

Awesome is TOTALLY included!

This is a special reversable micro-fiber bag for your handheld, featuring a retro Mario on the side.  These are apparently not available anywhere else and is a completely rare item.  I'm super excited about this prospect, but I'm even more excited about the fact that when I went into my power-up rewards account, I had received a couple THOUSAND points as well...which means that I now have the ability to choose from some of the following awesome gifts....FOR FREE!

PORTAL EARRINGS: If I had pierced ears, I would TOTALLY get these, but as it is, I'm still on the fence.

Or how about some Portal 2 Long Fall Socks?

Or, if you've got 100,000 points hanging around, you can get a replica full sized lancer......

So, to review, not only are you going to get a bunch of Nintendo points for buying Nintendo games new at Game Stop, but if you're also a member of the Power Up Rewards program, you're basically earning DOUBLE rewards (and in Game Stop's instance, you can get points on non-Nintendo purchases as well).  Sure, you might be able to save a couple of bucks buying new elsewhere, but you're more likely to actually get a good deal and the option for rewards as an added bonus!

Don't be alarmed if your face looks like this after reading about all this bonus goodness...

So anyway, what are your thoughts about loyalty point programs and other stuff like this?  Is it just a gimmick, or does it justify buying stuff new (Remember, if you join Club Nintendo, you not only get stuff for buying consoles or games, but you can also get points for doing things like downloading the Netflix software on the Wii as well! 

As far as my own opinion on the subject, I'll be over here, squeeing with joy like a little girl...because, ya know, I CAN.