So I might have mentioned that lately I've been having a lot of problem with pain in my right wrist and hand.  I think it's largely due to the heavy amount of mouse-action that I must perform at work (plus the stupidity of ancient computer programs that only register the right-most "enter" key on the keyboard....grar...)

But I also noticed that when I game for long periods of time (not so common nowadays, but with the pain from my arm now it's more common) I feel that pinchy, achy sensation in my wrist.  This is especially common when I'm doing a lot of attacking in games such as Okamiden (which I'm currently playing).

Now, when I'm playing Disgaea on the DS, I don't usually notice pain.  And when I'm playing DS and largely using only the touchscreen/stylus with my left hand, I usually don't encounter any fatigue whatsoever (although the curves of the systems both tend to dig into the palms of my hands if I play for long periods).  So I'm starting to think that perhaps the big problem here is overuse.  But even if I cut out my gaming, my job itself REQUIRES that level of work, and in order to keep working as quickly as I need to in order to finish everything, I am basically required to keep re-injuring my wrist.

I guess what I'm wondering is if this whole "mouse clicking fatigue" is more common than I thought (especially for those of you out there who still use PC gaming with heavy mouse-use).  Most other game systems don't seem to be much better from an ergonomic perspective, although the XBOX controller is far more hand-friendly than the Wii-mote or Playstation 3 controllers.

I have found that with the level of "motion based" gaming focus recently, it seems like the console and handheld world is largely forgetting ergonomics and comfort when it comes to gaming.  Obviously they tell you on the instruction manual (which pretty much no one actually reads) to take a break from gaming every half hour or so (ok, ok, you can stop rolling around on the floor laughing about how ridiculous that sounds to you), but nearly no one ever takes that advice.

So why not create controllers that are inherently hand and arm friendly?  And why do some games seem to have control schemes that purposely overextend the fingers to increase fatigue while gaming?

I guess I'm off to pout with my Tiger Balm and hope that I can fight off some of this discomfort with some good old rest.  But in closing, I am wondering what others think about pain while gaming.

Do you just power through?  Do you immediately stop?  Do you pop a Tylonol and keep going? 

What are the best ways to deal with and heal from this sort of pain without going into gamer-withdrawal?  @_@  It's  been a looooong week.  Time for some tea.