So as you might have supposed from my mentions in past blog entries,I am a female gamer.  I am also married, and have a young, almost 2 year old daughter.  And a cat, who is basically a fuzzy baby/purrmachine.

There is a lot of gaming in my household.  My husband plays mostly FPS/XBOX/or what I would call MALEGASM games.  Basically, imagine a game where you can play a big guy with a big gun and there are probably zombies and big mutant things and probably a headshot or two, and he's there with bells on.

On the other hand, there's me.  I love playing more "cute" games with a lot of color, and interesting game mechanics.  I really enjoy the Zelda series, and have a huge  love for Katamari as well as Ilo/Milo.  However, I generally stay off the TV when it comes to gaming because my husband loves console gaming and I've got several handhelds that I love to play anyway, so I tend to sit there, playing DS or PSP while my husband is shooting around on the big screen.

Obviously, there's no rule that he gets to play console and I'm relegated to tinyscreen-land, but it just tends to get that way.  When I'm playing on the TV screen, he tends to sit there, looking at me like he's about to grab the controller from my hands, and I feel suspiciously like the person who sneaks into their brother's room and uses his stuff because Mom or Dad said it was ok, but meanwhile he's sitting there all butthurt.  I mean, obviously he SAYS that it's ok, but then when things happen, he's on the console and I'm back on my handheld.  I don't really believe in getting multiple TVs (especially not in a 1 bedroom apartment!) and I loooooove our 42 inch (which we saved up a year for, so it's all paid off, but I don't think we could afford the space or area for even a small one), and I am personally opposed to putting a TV in the bedroom. 

So more TVs seem to be out.  And playing when he's not here isn't really an option either because generally, I'm either caring for my daughter (and there are lots of things to do around the apartment as well as, you know, playing games with my daughter and having "mom and baby" time), or I'm going to sleep.  So when I have free time on the weekends, I generally don't have much time to game unless I'm in line somewhere or otherwise out and about by myself without the baby, or if I'm on break at work.''

An added layer of annoyance basically comes from the fact that the 3DS is basically gimmick central, and expensive as heck, so it's likely just going to be full of horrible, whorish games so that parents can mindlessly buy their bratty children something to keep them quiet.  And I'm unsure about the NGP because Sony is also well known for putting icky, badly done ports on PSP, and largely only having one or two (expensive) games that are well-received for their handhelds unless, of course, you want testosterone-fueled violence-fests.

So I stick to my DS and my PSP and generally keep playing the same games over again because I like them and they were well done, and it just seems like there are so few things out there that really make me want to keep going on and investing in new stuff that just doesn't keep up with the quality of game that I am used to playing- a game that is just GOOD, without needing to rely on boasting "cutting edge" graphics or "being impossibly hard" or otherwise being able to out-gore every other game on the market.

When I was growing up, I was the oldest child, and all my video game experiences were primarily from paying for my own handheld that no one else could have because I had saved up for it.  And when my parents got a N64 for my siblings and I, they used a lot of psychological mind-games by having it be from "Santa" and then immediately telling us that they were going to "take it back" unless we only played it for an hour only on the weekend.

Many of my female friends seemed to dislike video games, largely because their brothers would commandeer them and never let them play, except for perhaps in a very condescending "YOU'RE DOING IT ALL WRONG" backseat gamer sort of way.

I never had this experience until I actually lived with someone who also liked to play games, so now it does make me feel somewhat similar to these friends of mine who supposedly "do not like playing games"....

I think that in the end, most of them probably *do* like games, they just don't like having to compete with some guy (especially not a relationship partner) to play them.  Maybe it's a woman thing, maybe it's a socialized thing, but when it comes to something like a game, it just seems somewhat silly to force the situation, especially when the possibility of man-pouting is relatively high.

Off I go, back to my golden triforce DS.  It's not banishment, it's shiny, shiny solitude!