I was browsing the internet and came to the normally visited Kotaku page and found a very interesting article. i traced the source to the beginning and found something that scared me. It was a hacked Pokemon Red version dubbed Pokemon Black (above is the image of the cartridge). It was described as "super creepy" but after reading the article myself, I found that was an understatement. I am here to summarize the game. Being an avid fan of the series, I found this hack very disturbing. However, before I begin I would like to say that this hack may or may not exist since the writer never actually shows screencaps of the game itself, saying that he lost it. But for whatever reason the idea must be heard.

So upon starting the game, you see the normal intro of that Nindorino and Gengar fighting. When you get to the title screen you see the trainer, like normal, but something is missing. The Pokemon that is normally standing next to you is absent. Underneath the title "Pokémon", it reads "Black Version". Everything starts the same up until you receive your starter. A Pokémon that you didn't get yourself has also occupied a slot in your roster. It's name is "GHOST" and it is Level 1. It has the sprite of the ghost Pokémon from Lavender Tower before you get that item that identifies them.

The image above is what it looked like

Here comes the scary part. This Pokemon has one move only, Curse. When used against a trainer's Pokemon the screen goes black and the Pokemon's screech (that noise it normally makes) is heard and when the screen returns the Pokemon is gone. The slot from the trainer is gone as well. It is implied that the Pokemon has died/killed. After getting money from the trainer (why would the trainer give you money after killing it's Pokemon, lol) the option to battle reappears. You can RUN and leave it at that but if you FIGHT well... the trainer "dies", too. When you appear in the overworld the trainer's sprite is gone. Upon reentering the area where the trainer has died a tombstone (like the ones from Lavender Tower) is seen where he/she died.

The game is incredibly easy if you use GHOST. You cannot deposit GHOST into the PC, meaning you'll have it for the entire game. You cannot "kill" recurring trainers (like your Rival or Giovanni). However, if the next time you see them is the last time you can "kill" them (for example, you fight Giovanni 3 times in the game, twice as a bad guy but in the gym battle you can "kill" him since it is the last time you will face him).

By the time you've "killed" your way through the entire game and the Elite Four, you enter the Hall of Fame and see your Pokemon and GHOST displayed. The screen then cuts to black and some text appears reading "Many years later...". You are back in Lavender Town with an old man as a sprite (the one that teaches you how to catch Pokemon in Viridian City). This old man is apparently you. You have absolutely no Pokemon in your party and GHOST is gone, too. The music of Lavender Town plays no matter where you go an all the NPCs are gone. You are literally alone is this whole wide world. You can't venture too far as some areas are blocked by HM specific objects like that bush tree thing and with no Pokemon you cannot get through. However, entering Diglett cave and through between Pewter City and Viridian Forest, that tree is already cut down making the path accessible. You can now go back to Pallet Town.

When you hit the exact tile you start the game, the screen cuts to all the Pokemon you used Curse on and eventually all the Pokemon trainers Curse was used on. The battle screen suddenly appears and GHOST appears on the other side with the text "GHOST wants to fight". You cannot RUN and with no Pokemon you use STRUGGLE (the attack that is used when all your PP has depleted) as usual you hit yourself with that attack. WHen its GHOST's turn to attack only "..." shows up. Once your life has reached the end of you HP, GHOST finally uses CURSE and the screen permanently fades to black. Nothing happens and the only thing you can do is turn the game on and off. Then it only shows "NEW GAME". Your file is erased for good. You have been killed.

Now again, this story may be fake and the hacked game may have never existed but the story is still scary as hell. If it was real why did this individual do this? It wasn't widely distributed so you cannot really find a copy (thus proving that it probably was fake) but whatever reason, my soul has been tainted by this maybe fake hacked game story. Excuse me while I go to an empty corner of my room and curl up in a fetal position...