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Koenigsegg Agera R: Gameinformer Edition. NEED YOUR HELP!

Just for fun, I thought I'd make a Gameinformer design for a Koenigsegg in Forza 5. And I'm working on it! But then I had an idea... What if I put GIO users' usernames on it? Kinda like how Holden and Microsoft put gamertags on the Holden Commodore race car.

So if you'd like to see your GIO username on the car, just comment below and I'll add it. Or if you don't want to use your current GIO gamertag, just tell me what username to use instead in your comment.

Edit: The site glitching for me. I can only see your original user name. So I'd appreciate it if you just comment and tell me which username to use. Thanks!

Edit 2: Just kind of an FYI. You don't have to play Forza. You don't have to like Forza. You don't even have to like cars! My goal is to just get as many GIO users' usernames on this car as I can!

Once the car is complete (Might take a few weeks, or days, depending on how many usernames I get), I will put the design up on Forza 5 for you to download and use. That is, if you own Forza 5. And I will also post pictures of it on the Gamer's Motorsport page, and the Discussionz page both here on GIO.

And if you have any questions, just ask! :)

Here's the design without any names.

DESIGN UPDATE! Added ".com" at the end of the Gameinformer Logo and also added Forza 5 Logo on the rear fender on both the drivers side and passenger side.

Usernames on the (left) driver side.

Usernames on the (right) passenger side.

Forza 5 Logo on rear fenders.

Names added so far.




The Gaming Hoodie




The Name-Changing Carson


Jackson Stone