Kid Icarus Uprising online tournament


First off, this is not an official tournament, it’s just a fun little thing I created for Kid Icarus Uprising owners who use The rules aren’t simple, so first I’ll explain the requirements, here they are: 1. You must add me to your friend list on 3DS, at least temporarily, if you want, after the tournament is over, you can un-friend me. This is only so you can join my private room in Kid Icarus. 2. You must play no more, and no less, than 2 rounds a week. You must play one round of free-for-all and one round of light vs. dark. Playing more than one round of either of these online modes will not hurt your score, it just won’t increase it. 3. Check my Gameinformer page as often as possible for updates. Also, if my 3DS status message says Tournament, that means the tournament is open, if my message says closed, that means it is not open. Also, check which kind of online play mode I am doing, so you don’t do more than one of the same kind of round each week. Message me on my Gameinformer page if you have any questions.


Now for the rules: There is only one restriction on which weapons or power-ups you are allowed to use, the weapon value must be under a value of 300. You’ll need at least half an hour, maybe a little more, to play, rounds will be 10 minutes each, and I will need to see that you are online on your 3DS so I can now how many players to make room for. I will try to make rooms as often as possible. In Light vs. Dark, I will only need an even number of play, 4 or 6, and we must have the same amount of real players on each team.  Free-for-all requires at least 4 players, maybe 3 depending on the circumstances, 5 or 6 would also work. Here’s how scoring works: I will add up all your scores from your free-for-all rounds over the weeks, and for Light vs. Dark, you get 1 point each round your team wins. The scoring for these 2 rounds is separate, and actually, if you want, you can only compete in one of the 2 modes.


I will spend this entire week preparing this tournament, I hope to start it next week, my friend Monster Hunter will also be helping, so talk to him as well if I am not available. I hope you guys participate.